Monday, August 24, 2009

Tummy Ache!

I'm having a bad tummy ache and it hurts soooo bad. Why can't tummy aches just don't exist?

Anyways, we had extra classes today from 8-12.30 and they will continue until Wednesday. Three days of the holidays gone. The 1st lesson we had was add maths. We were told that we had a choice to either attend chemistry with Science 2 or have add maths. All of us went to Science 2 but Ms Prassanna shooed us back because no one wanted to attend add maths. During the whole 3 days, we have no chemistry lessons so we wanted to attend chemistry. We didn't know that the Pui Mun gang will not come so we all left Mr Ting alone in L8. In the end we got shooed back =.=. The level coordinator said that the timetable is already fixed so she won't be able to slot in another chemistry class for us.

Everyone went back to L8 to have add maths. Mr Ting was supposed to go back to his hometown but he volunteered to stay and have extra class with us. After some time of copying the notes from the board, we started talking to Mr Ting. We asked Mr Ting who is the best guy in class and he said XIN YOU! Now, Mr Ting thinks that Xin You is Brenda's boyfriend. Brenda asked Mr Ting " Why you want to balik kampung? Your girlfriend there ar?" Mr Ting gave the "smile" so we know what that means =).

We had Sejarah after that and I found out how bad my sejarah is. I was supposed to follow Pat, Da, Na and Wy after the classes but my plan failed as my sister wanted to go home at 12.30 instead of the planned time which is at 3. I'm not sure if the others will update about their day after they went into Rui's car.


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