Wednesday, February 24, 2010

some people just don't read signs.

hello readers =D

I was having dinner a few days ago in a restaurant. I was eating halfway then I smelt smoke. My whole family turned towards the smoke smell and this was what we saw.

smart man right? =.= notice the do not smoke sign just above him?


dear readers, please do not do what this man is doing. Its so annoying to smell the smoke+nice food =.=

And tomorrow is supposed to be my dad's birthday. But, his surprise was ruined!! We secretly bought him a cake and kept it in the fridge. Usually he wouldn't open the fridge at that time but today, he just HAD to open it =.= There it was the cake sitting right in front of him. The secret was out so we celebrated 2 hours earlier =D



flightless bird.

how are u? im good.

anywayyyy. this month had been a busy month. there was Valentines Day! and the badminton match and pavilion after that.
but today, we had YEE SANG! how cool is that?
hahaha. it was fun and by the time everyone took back their chopsticks after mixing, our hands were covered with sesame seeds and crushed peanuts. hahahaa.

okay anyway. i wanted to show u all smth.
about a week ago, i saw ANOTHER baby bird. the exact same species. how do i know that?
well, its because i saw that they had like the same yellow patch at the side of their beak.
okay. so this is what happened. i came home from school. when to the kitchen to get some cereal as i was hungry. when i was about to open the cabinet, i saw smth move at the corner of my eye. of course i instantly looked lah. then i screamed to see what i saw lah. i was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. WTH IS THAT? oh cheh. its a bird. hahaahha.
then i remembered that when i was screaming. i remember the bird hopping back and like chirping so loud. like this:
bird : CHIRPPPPPP! *hops back in fear and stares at me*

HAHAHA. thinking back about it. it was pretty funny.
then i shouted
yani : tadi daddy nampak di luar. dia cakap satu sudah mati. bimbo dan tyson main dengan yang itu. jadi, satu saja tinggal.

so, okay. i tried feeding the bird lah. i took out a piece of bread and tried tearing it to crumbs.
it didnt eat it. so i tried feeding it. as in seriously mouth feed it. it still didnt wanna eat.

so, haihh. i decided to do smth. yes, look at the pic.
i went to find for WORMS! i love that game btw.
me : kak, saya nak cacing untuk burung itu.
yani : saya korek tanah tapi kamu yang ambil. saya tak nak sentuh ah. saya takut cacing.
me : OKAYYY.

okay. i followed her to the garden. then i saw smth move in the ground. i go excited.
i was like CACING!!!!
then i had a clearer view. OMG IT IS NOT A CACING.
me and yani screamt like madddd lah. hahaha.
but how nice of her. she kept cangkul-ing.
and when i saw a worm for real. i grabbed a kitchen towel and used it to hold the worm. brought the worm to the bird.
i used a rubber glove cos it was bloody. yani accidentally cangkul-ed half of the body.

in the end, the baby bird DID NOT EAT THE WORM. ARGHH. after all the fuss.
i kesian it lah. but then i thought. i tried my best to suit its appetite lah :|

btw, smth sadder happened. the next morning, i went to look at it at the kitchen.

it was GONE!
yeah. so, rip bird :(.

and good night to everyone! :)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Orthokeratology Shaping Lens

I found something interesting.

Defined - Orthokeratology is the temporary reduction of myopia achieved by the programmed application of contact lenses to reshape the cornea.

If you’re nearsighted, you’ve had to grow dependent upon eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction. At times it can be inconvenient. You may have even considered laser surgery, but been turned off by the risks. Now, there’s a non-surgical alternative that improves your vision while you sleep. It’s called Boston XO overnight Orthokeratology lens.

Vision Shaping Therapy (VST) also known as Orthokeratology (ortho-k) uses a special contact lens to gently reshape your cornea while you sleep. The reshaping of the cornea allows light entering the eye to focus on the retina correctly. When you wake up, you have better vision with your naked eye. You’ll be able to see clearly, without glasses or contact lenses. It works a lot like a dental retainer worn at night to help straighten teeth. The lenses work while you sleep. After a few weeks after VST you will begin to see clearer without the use of contacts, eyeglasses or surgery.

Ortho – k actually isn’t a new practice; in fact some eye care professionals have been using this method of correction for decades. Newer evolving technology has only made the process better, exhibiting more comfort, and longer lasting results.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

never back down!!

hello readers =D

I watched this movie twice and I liked it =D So I'm sharing it with you guys. Go watch it! Its called Never Back Down. Yes, I know its kinda like a guy movie but wtv!!

Here's the picture =D

Btw, Sean Faris is superrr Cute + Hot!! =P

shitness! look at that!


he's jake tyler in the movie!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010


hello readers =D

let me introduce you to my new friend CELESTE!!

isn't she cute? =P

this was when ivanna was playing thunder and I asked her to ask him to teach her this song =D sweet right? =P but he had no reaction when she did that =.= IVAN YOU EMOTIONLESS PERSON!!

OH OH!! She laughs so cute! Exactly like my brother! But Ivan says its creepy =.=



with love,

Holidays. ahahaha.

hey hey hey. its been awhile since i blogged. 
a lotta things happened since i last blogged. well im just gonna summarize everything. 
i had a CNY performance with Vipers and it was AWESOME. the crowd was CRAZY.
oh and im currently busy with cheer (as usual) and swimming gala transportation. 
oh and yesterday was my parents 18th anniversary! and we're going out tnite for dinner cuz we didnt last night.
and and VIKRAM sent me a bouquet of flowers for valentines. awwwwwww
i received it vday's eve morning and i was like omg omg omg omg omg omg and aww aww aww aww aww. 
everyone's been busy lately. 
my girls and i really really need to gather together and have some fun time together being just US! haha.
oh oh and nadia left to Winnipeg few weeks ago. ;(
so she's in Canada now w her dad. 
its a good thing tho cuz we've been talking alot on skype! hehehe!
exams are coming and ive to STUDY STUDY STUDY. heh. c(;


Flowers and Hearts!

Hello everyone!

Its been a long time since I last blogged hahaha. My previous post was like... somewhere in 2009? Anyways, I went to this florist with my dad few days ago to buy flowers for chinese new year. The flowers were sooooooo pretty! LOOK!

PINK chrysanthemum!

Another PINK chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums as well... aren't they prettay?

Hahahahaha Fluorescent chrysanthemum!

I find this disgusting... Who eats a RED pineapple?

And for Chinese New Year, I got a new bed sheet! There's hearts print all over it. Hahahaha.

I like this the most. Its so cuteeee!

Happy Chinese New Year! and Happy Valentines' Day!!! <3>

wei yeen

Happy CNY & Valentine's Day !

Hello :)


2010, year of Tiger



Sunday, February 7, 2010


Janaarthanee has left to Kedah yesterday morning. This message is directed to Jana!

JANA!! You left so quickly I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye. ='( You're not even allowed to bring your mac to Kedah and you don't have a phone! How am I supposed to contact you now? Not being able to see your cute face and hear your laughter is such a sad thing. Who's gonna laugh with me as crazy as you do? Your laughter is really one of a kind. NO one can do it better than you. Jullya and Xing Wei misses you like CRAZY as well. You left without a word because of a very stupid reason. I wish I could turn back time to prevent you from leaving! I hate saying goodbyes. Soon, in April, I would have to face another goodbye ='( Why is everyone leaving now? Isn't this year supposed to be the best year for us? You guys are leaving too soon! Please stop leaving. Jana, I really hope you would enjoy yourself in Kedah but please do not forget us here. I LOVE YOU ALOT!! I'm not sure if you would even see this. But if you did, please tell me how to contact you and leave a message in the little chatbox!

i will never forget what we have been through. the ups and the downs. miss you like crazy. come back soon!