Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i wish i could photostat cash

This is supposed to be yesterday's post, but i was too sick to go online. i had flu. But after sleeping for like about 15 hours, much better already :)

Yesterday, yee ling and I skipped school and went for dentist check-up. Well, i need to extract 4 teeth to put braces. WOW. *pain*.

After that, we headed to KLCC and watch two movies,Dance Flick and I love you Beth Cooper. I don't really like the show Dance Flick, it's kinda LAME, or maybe i don't understand the movie. Its a combination a few dance movies. I love you beth cooper, was nice, watch it BUT cut alot of scene.

The best part is, both of us ran out of $$, and we cannot do anything.We still managed to have our lunch at pizza hut and window shopped only. :( And we had to pay the taxi fare RM1 in coins. hahaha.

Although i ran out of cash, i'm still going to OU AGAIN with my sister and cousin to watch movie. Planning to watch G.I JOE and UP. :) hope mom will sponsor us some money. hehehe.

will update again later. <3

- l e N g -

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