Thursday, June 27, 2013

first post for 2013!

hey hey ya'll! hahaha. oh my gosh just the other day i was viewing all of the posts since the beginning of time!

anyways. currently in Dubai airport to kuala lumpur!

so... a lot has happened since the last time i blogged.

I am just so excited that Newcastle University has accepted me for MEng Chemical Engineering!

argh cant wait! anyways, ive been good. :) family's good. :)

when i go back, i want to help my brother with his uni app, reunite with my girls, go on a beach holiday with my siblings just to pass my time faster because i cant wait to go back to ncl in sept!

here are some pics of mine from sept 2012 to present!


Met these wonderful people!




Family visited during Chritmas holiday! London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Zurich!

New year's Eve!


Group study!

My 20th Birthday! Friends threw me a surprise! aww bless!

Mom and dad gave a birthday visit! endless love for them!


Valentines day!

PARTY PARTY after exams!


Easter Holiday! London, Edinburgh, Brighton!


PICNIC! when it got a BIT warm!

homemade sushi!








 Farah Alya Ali

Sunday, September 30, 2012


HI. I had a pleasant surprise on friday :)

So this was what happened.

Puddy called bebz and leng and they all planned it. i have no idea how the planning took place and stuff so i won't be able to tell you that :) But what i can tell you is that i was STARVING!! Mum kept giving the excuse that the chicken was too thick so its taking time to roast in the oven. Thus, not time for dinner. Later on at about 7-ish, mum came into the room and started talking to me about serious stuffs. I had no idea that bebz, leng, pat, xingyy and edible balls (sorry i just had to) were outside in the living room with puddy and a cake.

isn't it cute? :) its an ice-cream cake (vanilla and stawberry) and puddy chose it :) thanks puddy!

They BARGED INTO MY ROOM, BURSTING OUT IN SONG. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked and surprised. I mean, if you were listening to what my mum was telling me, it was a totally different atmosphere from what I got. Anyway, the candles were melting FAST and i took my time to blow them out blowww the candles ouutttt look like a solo toniggghhhttt. Turned out that everyone was in on the plan. They took me out to MV for mexican fooood!! PICTURES COMING UP! but lengyy had to leave early cuz she went home late the night before because she was sending sha off.

So here's what we had for dinner :) 

This was ballie's drink. no idea what it really is but obviously something lime. 

oh this tasted soooo goood. chicken inside and yes idk what its called too. AHAHAH SORRY! i didn't order! 

this is taco i think. idk ahahah

omg this was sooo good. cheesyyyy inside!! and there's some weird red bean paste with cheese on the side. 

xingyy didn't think the potatoes were potatoes but i swear they are! and this tasted yummm. not sure about the peppers tho.. 
Everything tasted like Doritos! I think everyone agrees with this. but they taste yummy. and yes i'm happy. Later on, we had dessert at SS2 at some place called KTZ and we met a radio DJ outside the shop. Not sure what her name is though but I remember she was the emcee at the AAR concert yeaaarss back. 

We took a few photos in gardens :) 


And in the car..

And this is what I got :)

book and a mysterious box.. 

two bracelets and what?? ITS FRIGGIN CANDYLAND IN IT!! :OOO *pukes rainbows*

thanks bebz :) <3 nbsp="nbsp">
I had lots of fun! thank youuuu bbys :) ILY ALL <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

oh and I got my hair cut. CHECK ITTT!

its sooo light now :D i'm happy!

Bonus photo!
because edward had the urge to take photos of the lamp oil thing on the table.
also, he claimed that this is my "dark side" AHAHAH! ily ballie :) 


Saturday, May 19, 2012


i've never posted anything for a really long time and all the others started posting so i thought it is about time for me to start posting something. anyway, my life has been super different for the past 5 months, i went off to scotland, started living on my own here. and, whoa. i learnt alot. i learnt so much that i didnt even realize time was passing so fast. 

but, so far, life has been good, it has not been the worst, i guess but, whatever happens, happens. thank god, ive been alright and everyone around me seems fine, but i can really tell we all miss our old days in school. this is the second year we are away from each other. and, i guess, we have grown our separate ways but, i am really glad we still talk to each other all the time. the others had been really busy with studies. i've been really busy with assignments. i really cant wait to be home soon. hot weather. yay -_-. its really windy here. two words to describe scotland, WET and WINDY. that is not a very good combination. 

so, anything interesting that happened to me lately?
well, nothing much. i feel pretty much like a loser everyday. AHAHA. but, i'm getting to like myself. 
okay, what was i talking about again? 

oohhh. so, to wei yeen, pat, shuk, farah, brenda, yee ling, leng. we probably have spent most of our everydays with other people and never really got to talk in person or do everyday stuff together but i'm glad to call you all my best buddies forever! YEAH! *throws hand in air* okay. im weirding myself out. EHEHHEHE. gotta go for dinner. 


Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm pretty bad at titles. Haha.

So I was reading our past posts and realised the last time I actually blogged was about my first day at college. Which was really really long ago. More than a year :O Now I'm almost done with my first semester in uni, and finals in 2 weeks! Time flies.

The scary thing about time is that, it changes people. I think I'm different now. I feel different. I act different. I think differently too. I'm not sure if these differences are good or bad, but I hope I would eventually change for the better.

Here's a list

1. I cry very easily during movies now. I never used to cry in movies, because I think movies exaggerate. I didn't even cry watching The Notebook. A Walk to Remember, maybe just a bit? Didn't cry watching Koizora either. Remember how you girls always say I have a cold heart? Hahahaha.

2. I don't mind watching horror. Last time, I couldn't even take it when Farah tell her horror stories. It's like, "Girls do you wanna hear this scary story?" Me: *run*

3. I started putting on make up! Okay this is probably just a part of growing up and is definitely a normal change. Hahahaha.

4. I'm turning lame. Much, much, MUCH worse than before. I know its annoying to some people, but I just can't resist at times.

5. Clubbing. I used to be very against clubbing, I don't think I've told you about this before, but yeah. Now I actually find it fun. I'm still against smoking though. I will never date guys who smoke. NEVER. Guys if you are reading this, put that stick down and start living a healthy life.

6. Swearing and PMS. Swearing is bad, I know. Will work on it and stop. As for pms, I NEVER HAD PMS LAST TIME OKAY. Now my emotions fluctuate like a sin/cos graph with huge amplitudes. I can get really hyper, but most of the time I get depressed for no reason. Then I'll start ranting to shuk. Poor girl. Hahahahaha.

7. Studies. This is at least 90% why I'm so mad at myself these days. Yet I'm doing nothing to change it. I've been skipping lectures and classes, not bothered to do homework, easily distracted when the tutor is talking and doing assignments few days before it is due. I don't know why, I'm not motivated to study anymore. I've had this problem ever since uni started. I know its bad to be slacking, but even the thought of failing is not pushing me to study.

8. Last but never least, I'll never look at relationships the same way anymore. Period.

P.S. I wanted to have a cheerful post initially, but I'm tired of smiling and saying I'm fine.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I just came to library to save my emails and wors then I remembered that Pat told me you girls updated the blog so I open and read. You know i'm reading it and I miss the old time so much. I read so long and then one of my friend walk past and smile, so i smile back. Guess what? I suddenly feel like i'm in a dream, I don't know where i am now. I was so into all of your post. :( I really miss you all :(

See you all soon... I LOVE ALL OF YOU!
Pat, Shuk, Wei Yeen, Farah, Yee Ling, Feon-Na and Ee Leng :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

2nd Sunday of May.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas! :) (yep, a day late)

Anyway, yesterday was mother's day and my bros and I had planned to cook for my Mum. Well, the plan was: me - dessert, 2nd bro - main, 1st bro - side/drinks. So, I decided to make a no-bake cheesecake. Hehe. Did I mention that i suck at cooking/baking? Yes, I know, imma be the loveliest girlfriend/wife/mum. :P I've already tried making it before. This was my second time. Well, Brenda, Yeeling and I tried making it. :P It didn't set that time because that recipe didn't include Gelatin powder and later on I was told that in order to make it set I had to use Gelatin powder. (Well, there are some cheesecake recipes which are no-bake and do not require Gelatin powder. Meh..) So, at 11pm the night before, I started my cheesecake making. Yes, 11pm! Okay, I suck at telling stories. Hahaha. Okay, let me tell you about the first part of my Saturday.

11am - reservations for Dim Sum @ Jaya Palace, Wisma LYL. Mother's Day brunch with my cousins, aunt&uncle, brothers. Mannn, I was so stuffed! But it was satisfying. :B


Okay, then we went to NSK to get some groceries for steamboat at night to celebrate mother's day with my grandma and other aunt&fam. NSK groceries are cheap okayy. And it's like 24/7. Yeahh, so after eating we had to cleaning up and then my bro and I went to get stuff for tmrw. (I forgot to bring the ingredient list to NSK -.-) 

Ah yes, back to the story above. I started at 11 and ended at 1.30am. I am that bad. Hahaha. This time wasn't as bad as the first time but I put it in the freezer for longer and well, it set lah! :}

Aglio Olio with Prawns, Capsicum, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Cod Fish by the side. Jacob's Creek Sparkling White Wine.

Yummy, ain't it? :)

2nd bro and Mum.

1st bro and Mum.

Top Left: Mama and I (do we look alike? o.O). Top Right: My gift! It's a mini book! (took my 4 hours...@@)
Bottom left: My cheesecake! (It was kinda melting. :S) Bottom right: FOOD.

All the pics are stolen from my bro's instagram except the second last one. :P

Overall, it was a good day! (and fattening). Nothing beats spending a nice day with your loved ones. :)

Oh, you know what, I was actually pretty hesitant on posting things like this. Idk why. I don't really like putting my personal life out in the open. Weird considering I was the one who decided to make this blog together. Hmm, how did I do anyway? :)


skydiving :D

This convo just happened between me and Wei Yeen on whatsapp :D

WY: Every stupid thing is fascinating when you're studying
ME: Yes yes. Even the clouds omg. I was having a cloud moment this morning.
WY: The clouds are nice today! Its like. Fluffy!
ME: I was thinking what shape the cloud is. I saw a human sliding and a forever alone face but the cloud was fading the longer i stared at it. Then i was thinking what if i fell through the clouds. How would it feel? Then the thought trailed on....
WY: I think you'll get all wet.
ME: Like how's thee feeling. Do I fall faster/slower? Turbulence?
WY: I remember watching cartoons with people sitting on clouds, jumping from one to another.
ME: Yes yes! We should skydive one day! Through a cloud :)
WY: Yess!! But can we breathe? Its like, so high up.
ME: Ahahaha. I don't know. I hope so. I think can la. People skydive all the time. Maybe we need a O2 tank! Aahahhahaha
WY: OMG AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! If we carry an O2 tank we'll fall faster. Heavier weight.
ME: Ahahah. Funner. Fall faster. The thrill! Maybe a small one la. Cuz we won't be so high for too long. Acceleration at 9.81 m/s.
WY: Then from the sky it'll bring us deep down into the ocean. Continue scuba diving.
ME: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Parachute la!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHA This convo is getting funny!
WY: You started with the O2 tank! We could use the tank underwater.

have a great day! :) girls, we do need to skydive into a cloud. and scuba dive :D