Sunday, August 23, 2009


shuk's right.
time IS passing by so fast.
haih.. im still lost in studies. i dnt really know whats going on n i dnt really understand fully the topics ive learnt in class. 
i have the whole day today to finish up as much work i could.
 just woke up n skyping with my boyfriend now. 

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awww. aint he cute.

today's first day we're fasting together. 
oh n i watched ''its a boy-girl thing'' this morning after sahur. 
nice. i like. 

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disadvantages of time passing by fast:
- not ready for next year (SPM!!)
- so much work undone

advantages of time passing by fast:
-closer to holidays
-closer to raya
-closer to december(vik's coming back and he's taking me to PROM! and he's going back after my birthday next year)

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