Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project Day!

Today, Leng, Sha Sha and I skipped school, went to Yee Ling's house to do our sejarah project.

While waiting for Ee Leng, Yee ling and Sha Sha watched D.I.E while I did some chemistry homework. After watching, Sha Sha wanted to join Ranil and the others at the mamak stall. He walked there and Yee Ling ordered McD. After the delivery came, Leng finally arrived. The wood she brought was so heavy and thick. We started by measuring the wood and trying to cut it but the saw was too small to cut it. I called Sha Sha to borrow a saw from Ranil. Yee Ling and I moved on by cutting pipes while Ee Leng continued measuring. We realized that we cannot do aynthing without a saw and nails so we paused.

I continued doing chemistry while the other two watched their movies. At 2.15 pm, Yee Ling called Sha Sha as she got impatient. He was already at the guardhouse and he was panting on the phone. We took a few pictures of him but its in Leng's camera.

We tried cutting the wood using Ranil's saw but it didn't work. However, it can cut through another piece of wood. The way Yee Ling cut wood is damn scary. Its like she's killing something because of the way her eyes stares at the wood is scary and her screaming is scary too. We cut the wood wrongly so we had to glue it back with hot glue gun. We made the base and the stairs of the Parthenon. We wrapped clay around the pipes and carved lines on it to create the pillars. Sha Sha took 20 mins to make 1 pillar while Ling could make about 5. We wanted to dig some secrets from Sha Sha but it didn't work. He just said "dunno", "har??". So we just gave up.

The Parthenon is not fully done yet. It will be continued tomorrow. Here are a few pictures that were taken.
There are more pictures but they are with Leng.


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