Tuesday, September 29, 2009

yoong wei


when i was in the huge skype. smth shocking happened. YOONG WEI WAS CHATTING IN IT!
likeee finally, ive NEVER saw him in that skype chatting before.
so i wondered why he was online.
yesss, he wants something.......from edward! who has done his physics project.
and this conversation takes place when yoong wei wanted edward's project.

[9/29/09 10:02:52 PM] EDD.wuad: i gave u edi la yw
[9/29/09 10:02:57 PM] Yoong Wei: i want all!
[9/29/09 10:02:56 PM] EDD.wuad: take it or leave it
[9/29/09 10:02:58 PM] Yoong Wei: :D
[9/29/09 10:02:59 PM] Yoong Wei: no la jk
[9/29/09 10:03:04 PM] Yoong Wei: thx edward =D
[9/29/09 10:03:09 PM] Yoong Wei: <3>

[9/29/09 10:03:09 PM] Yoong Wei: <3 you

what is wrong with him? poor yoong wei :(.



This is my cousin, bang piq. I used to have a crush on him when i was small. haha. I was so childish. He's 19.

                  He used to be a lot taller than me last time. haha. I guess i grew. hmmm

                                                                       Raya raya raya.. 

                                                           vikram vikram vikram..

                                                          haha. look at mimin's face.

                                      all of them except the kid in green are umi's siblings.

this is umi! my forever! my cousin n my favourite person in life. she's really funny n she has 9 siblings including her. youngest one is 5 mnths old. she's 2nd child.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Shuk Yin !!


hope you like the CAKE and PRESENTS :D

Good Luck For Finals !!!

- l e N g -

Thank you guys!! I love you all alot =) Love the cake, present and surprise. especially the blazer =.=. Ben the mastermind... Thx wei yaaaaan for the cake and goh ee leng for my LOVE DRUNK!! thx everyone else for everything =D.

love you guys and girls (for wy's sake) sooooo much!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

reblog frm xing wei's

nawwwwww how cute. :D:D

[9/23/09 8:39:38 PM] vikram,JLJ: XING WEI!!!
[9/23/09 8:39:42 PM] vikram,JLJ: i miss farah!
[9/23/09 8:40:31 PM] vikram,JLJ: u there??
[9/23/09 8:40:38 PM] Singaway: im here!
[9/23/09 8:40:46 PM] vikram,JLJ: haha
[9/23/09 8:40:48 PM] vikram,JLJ: im sorry
[9/23/09 8:40:52 PM] vikram,JLJ: but i seriously do miss her
[9/23/09 8:40:54 PM] Singaway: haha awwww you bored?
[9/23/09 8:40:59 PM] vikram,JLJ: noo
[9/23/09 8:41:02 PM] vikram,JLJ: not bored
[9/23/09 8:41:08 PM] vikram,JLJ: just miserable cuz i havent seen her face in days
[9/23/09 8:41:18 PM] Singaway: awww she balik kampung
[9/23/09 8:41:22 PM] vikram,JLJ: i knwwww
[9/23/09 8:41:32 PM] Singaway: u have a lot of pics of her right?
[9/23/09 8:41:32 PM] vikram,JLJ: put it up on yr blog k?
[9/23/09 8:41:35 PM] vikram,JLJ: i do
[9/23/09 8:41:35 PM] Singaway: look at them la
[9/23/09 8:41:41 PM] vikram,JLJ: n i've been staring at them
[9/23/09 8:41:46 PM] vikram,JLJ: put smth on yr blog
[9/23/09 8:41:49 PM] vikram,JLJ: tht says i miss her
[9/23/09 8:41:52 PM] vikram,JLJ: just for my sake
[9/23/09 8:41:53 PM] Singaway: OKOK
[9/23/09 8:41:56 PM] Singaway: awww kayss
[9/23/09 8:41:59 PM] vikram,JLJ: thank u

nawwwwwwwwwwww. thats howVikram misses Farah<3

ps/ raya blog coming soon. c(;

Friday, September 25, 2009


woo hoo!
ive got embarassing pics of wei yeen/feon-na!! (edited)

i think wei yeen looks rather cute there.

dear wei yeen,
if u dare remove them, i have MORE pics :D.

wei yeen's sms to me at 5.25 PM :

''U r SO DEAD when i see u on monday... I juz read our blog''

:X. heheeheh.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sick at home =(


Its the holidays now and I'm sick. wth? I'm having fever+cough+flu+vomiting but not having h1n1 la. =)

I had to take the H1N1 test this morning. It was exactly how Ben 10 described it. The cotton bud was extra long. It was shoved up my nose and the doctor was digging into it to take the mucus out!
Lucky for me the test was negative =D

blood test was.... as some people know, I am afraid of needles. The guy taking blood was scary. He didnt even smile and he was speaking soooo softly =.= I didn't even look at the needle going through my skin. I looked the other way. It was torture for that few minutes. Glad that is over now.

I slept for almost the whole day. Just a few hours awake. I feel like a pig. The doctor told me to rest for at least a day that means I can't study for a day. I don't know how to finish my revision with a few days gone as I wasn't feeling very well for the past few days. and OMG I can smell! like few seconds ago. I suddenly smelt soap. hahha.

byeeee =)

practice in school.

i needed to go to school today for the sketch practice.
we needed to be in school at 9. around 9.15 when i was at the guardhouse but still in the car, i saw pat's sms saying that she'll only be in school around 9.30-10.00am.
grr. its okayy. im just gonna call ee leng and ask her where she is. so when i called her. she was just on the way i asked her how long she would take and she said 20 mins -__-.

so, i didnt care and just walked down towards the walkway which leads to the north hall. thats when i saw ms usha. she told me the others were down there and mr vicnesh isnt here yet ;|.
i felt kinda mad lah. thats when i heard someone shouted ''FEON-NA!''
i looked back and saw joo kei. she walked towards me as i waited.

we then went to the fashion changing room stairs area. chun keat, edward, ranil and ben were there already. then along came ivan. (im not sure if i missed out anybody). we just sat there to chat till we were asked to go to the avenue.

then suresh came. we walked down to the avenue, thats when ee leng came. we were just fooling around the avenue. and thats when ben grabbed the hairband from my head. to put it on his head. HAHAHA. he looks like the statue of liberty.
then we practiced the sketch finally but for like 10 mins only. OH YEA. avelyn came too ;).
she came before the practice when we were playing around.
after that, we didnt practice the sketch anymore. the pat came! the boys like chun keat, ben, ivan and edward were trying to do the parkour thing, apparently it is pronounced as PAR-KOR. i thought it was PAR-KER -___-.

anyway, edward does this wormy thing where he wants to boost his leg up to step on the walls. hahahhaa. it was funny. then ivan could do it also. it was like a spiderman thing. i shouldve taken pics. ben tried hanging on the bars. hahahahah. chun keat tried climbing on the wall but was struggling to get up and he ended up scratching up his knee. well, pat told me. i missed it. i was facing pat. argh. i saw his knee after that. kinda...ouch! big scratches.

okay. anyway, i was talking to ranil. thats when ivan came. and ivan said ''lets stare at her''
so they started staring at me lah. then i told them to stop. so, hehe. i took this chance to take a pic of them as this is the only time the would actually look at the camera. hahahha.
so this is the picture.hahahaha. ivan wasnt giving his squinting eyes anymore like how ranil is doing it.

so, thats all lah. i'm sure i am gonna upload something interesting before school reopens.

blarhhh. holidays are ending ;|.



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

happy birthday stfu-pigsdofly!

WOOOH! If u all haven't noticed, our dear blog stfu-pigsdofly is exactly one month old!!! AND we have 1000+ stalkers! yay=)

My day started off really funny today, coz my mum and i decided to wear kebayas' to work! since its raya now...HAHAHAHAHAHA we srsly look typical malay, especially my skin wasn't that fair, so everyone thought i was malay, and started speaking BM to me...even chinese customers do that =__=

As soon as we reached my uncle's shop, we realized that the air-conditioner broke down... So we had to bear with it (with long-sleeved kebayas) for 3 hours before it was fixed. gosh.

At first it was all normal and dull, till someone knocked extremely hard on my cashier counter. When i looked up, guess who's in front of me? ENCIK KU!!

BOOM! *smacks table*
wy: EHHH! ENCIK KU! ( i shouted so loud that everyone else is looking at me)
ku: hahaha kenapa u sini? kedai kamu ke?
wy: kedai uncle saya lah.

HAHAHA and he brought his whole family to my uncle's shop. OMG they're all equally funny. Just imagine a whole family of people that acts like En. Ku... Unfortunately, his gf wasn't with him. Haih...

oh btw, here are the pics i took to show where i work, for those who's curious=)

here's where i stand all the time

as a Cashier! hehe i get to count money=)

its quite a messed up shop... but hey! what do u expect? its a wholesale centre...
hu cares if its neat, as long as its CHEAP.

that's all from me today.

btw, im feeling extra happy recently. VERY recently.

wei yeen =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Love Drunk

Shuk Yin. I know you LOVE me :D


I was on skype today, as usual, and out of randomness we started making up our own quotes=) and by WE i meant ivan, edward and i. Its school-related btw=) So here it is!

[9/21/09 1:33:20 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are sejarah i will read u everyday
[9/21/09 1:33:46 PM] wei yeen: u are like sejarah, boring n meaningless
[9/21/09 1:34:12 PM] wei yeen: u are an add math to me -> u're hard to figure
[9/21/09 1:34:37 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are physics i will apply u everyday in my life
[9/21/09 1:35:48 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are chemistry, my charge will be directly opposite with u so we can stay balanced
[9/21/09 1:36:13 PM] wei yeen: u are the proton to my electron
[9/21/09 1:36:43 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are bio, i will examined ur body parts until u like it
[9/21/09 1:37:39 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are accounts, i will only kredit ur love and not debit it away
[9/21/09 1:38:15 PM] wei yeen: when ur love is debited to me, i'll kredit mine to you too
1:44 PM
if ur english, i would had caried a book and read it all day long untill u get fed up with me
吴智政 I*v*a*N^2*g=ƃu uɐʌı
1:45 PM
You're like maths, complicated yet satisfying.
wei yeen
1:46 PM
love is like maths. the answer doesn't give u full marks. its the working that counts.
wei yeen
1:50 PM
moral=> why would i need morality when i already have you?
1:55 PM
love shuts me everytime,
your dazzling smile,
persuasive eyes,
melts my fragile heart
whenever i see you
wei yeen
1:56 PM
force of equilibrium=> we always expect people to respond to our love...just in order to be balance

wei yeen =)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

day out with leon -_-.

helo. im gonna update what happened uhh 2 days ago?

hahaha. me and leon were on a mission to get my mum a present.
but i lied to her that i went to brenda's house to do my sejarah assignment.
i hope mummy is not reading this ;X.

so, leon and i went to sunway pyramid.
we bought her a gift and i thought it was very her. but leon kept saying it wasnt really her taste. but i really think so.
but anyway, my mum's bday is tmrw. hope she likes the earrings.
its a huge heart-shaped hoop earrings with guess written on it.
sounds kinda childish. leon said my mum would look fat in it.i didnt care. bought it anyway.
so after that i rushed to subway for lunch to catch the 2 pm movie.

at subway, leon thinks he knows all the flavours to everything.
so when it was my turn to choose 3 sauces for my bread. i couldnt decide.
the waiter person got pissed off and served the next customer. i was like ''wth?''
then leon asked me to pick mustard, chili, and bbq for the 3 sauces.
and got my bread. when i ate it it felt really good. u know with all the ham slices and everything.
then suddenly, i felt a weird sensation in my tongue.
it was a BURNING sensation. i dont know what was happening.
the burning only started after i finished my bread and the iced lemon tea.
weird eh? so i was complaining to leon all the way from the old wing of sunway till we reached the new wing of sunway which is the cinema.

before we entered the theatre, we were give really cool specs. we looked like this guy from x-men.
seriously, wanna see us? we took pictures in the cinema after EVERYONE LEFT.
oh yeaaaaa. i forgot to state what movie i watched. it was G-Force. sounds like a really cool movie right? its about 3 guinea pigs and a mole. not the mole that i have. the mole as in the rodent -___-.

okay lahh. here the pic of us.

are we kool or whaat? ;P

oh yea. after taking the pic. we were so freaked out okayy. cos NO ONE WAS THERE AT ALL.
so i quickly ran down and leon was like '' WOI. wait for me. u scared is it?. loserrrr''
what the heck. hes scared too lah or else he wouldnt ask me that.

theres another loser moment of leon.
yesterday night, leon slept over at the gym house and at 1.30 AM. he called my hp.
leon : *whispers* helo naaaaa. did u lock the door?
me : whaat? no. u lock lah. i want to sleep now. (im actually chatting on skype. hehe)
leon: u know whaT? this place is so shitty and freaky. i keep hearing weird noises down here. damn scary lahhh. why got weird noise? i hear alot of stuff. u came down here earlier. did u hear anything weird?
me : no. hehe. have fun, leon. im gonna sleep. BYE!

so thats all lah. im so tired now.

u'll be hearing from me maybe on wed or thurs.

good night ;)

feon-na the wonderwoman x)
i feel hyper now. blarhh.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Iqbal's 11th Birthday

Yesterday my family and I went to pavilion to celebrate Iqbal's 11th birthday.
He was so freakin'ly cute when he was small u knw!
seriously but too bad i dnt have a pic of him when he was really small in my mac.

Feon-Na always ask me to make Iqbal's face. haha.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Watch this movie !!!


- l e N g -

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


i stayed back till 5 to finish the sejarah assignment.
when i was brushing pva glue all over the model, pat was playing the obsessed song.
you knowwww, the song that goes like this:
''why you so obsessed with me?''

pat was playing it on replay. so it kept repeating lah.
a few moments later, i hear brenda humming that song.

brenda: *humming part of the song where mariah goes ''So Oh Oh So Ohhh''*
me : *continues spreading pva glue on paper mache*
brenda : * sings* why you so sesame? (she meant to sing, why you so obsessed with me?)
brenda : what?
me : HAAHAHAHAAHAHA. you never thought of why would this song sing about sesames? its OBSESSED LAHHH.
brenda: hmm. sounds like sesame.
me : *continues laughing*
brenda : how i know? sounds like sesame.

i was laughing like mad. and i told pat who was sitting opposite of me what brenda sang and she laughed too.
yee ling started making lame lyrics to the song
the part where its supposed to be;
in black is original lyrics and in purple is yee ling's own lyrics.

why you so obsessed with me?
my face is full of sesame.

then yee ling said;
yee ling : i say my face is full of sesame. u know why? u know what is sesame?
me : what?
yee ling: it is PIMPLES!
me: -_- hahahhahah.

btw, the ocean blue tart that is sold at the lower bus-stop place taste like CRAP. crap i tell you. you know the tart which hs blueberring jam and cheese in it but they put it in a bun.
dont buy it.

i actually love it. i just dont want you all to buy it. hehehehehe


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i hate 'you'

today's another random boring usual school day, till eng class...

AND xin you freakin splashed water on my shirt!!!!!

that's all. short n simple, just the way i like it=)

wei yeen


i love you farah


fa & xing wei

in add maths class now! yaay! we paid attention!
sham... woohoo!Font size


Monday, September 14, 2009

Random post.

Okay, I have not written a post for ages. Blame the boring-ness thats happening in my life now. Nothing special is happening. Its like each day is repeating itself. Finals are coming soon =(. Soon after finals, we would all be in Form 5 (to all form 4's). Time just flies sooo fast. I might not be online till after the exams (msg directed to skype ppl). Sorry for the boring post. I just have nothing special to blog about today as nothing special happened.

listening to blg again =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the girl with the green ribbon.

this story scares me. tell me if it scares you too okay?

The Girl with the Green Ribbon Around Her Neck

A long time ago there was a little girl who had a green ribbon around her neck. One day she went to school and met a boy named Jim. Jim sat behind her in class and noticed the ribbon under her pig tails.

"Why do you wear that ribbon around your neck?" he asked. Someday I'll tell you, she promised.

When they were teenagers, Jim asked the girl on a date. While they were drinking frappes, Jim asked again, "why do you wear that green ribbon around your neck?” She laughed nervously and said, "Well maybe if we ever get married I'll tell you."

Jim fell in love with the girl and they got married. In bed their first night, the only thing his new wife wouldn't take off was the ribbon and he asked, “Okay, we're married now...why do you wear that ribbon on your neck!" She said, "I'll tell you if we ever have kids."

After they had a boy and a girl, Jim asked again,"Please, please, please, WHY DO YOU WEAR THAT RIBBON AROUND YOUR NECK?!?!" She said, if you love me, you'll drop it for now, some day I'll tell you."

So he dropped it. Just accepted the fact that his wife wore a mysterious ribbon around her neck all the time. They got old together, then the woman got very sick, went to the hospital, and the doctor said she was going to die. Her distraught husband sat by her side for days, and finally said, please, tell me now, why do you have that ribbon around your neck? In a croaky voice she said, okay, I'll tell you, take it off now."

He pulled the bow loose and her head fell off.

the guy that is telling the story in this video scares me even worse, you can watch this if you dont understand the above story. he has pictures ;O cartoon ones lah.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

random day.

its been a long time since i last post so im gonna post lots of pics okay?
i went to a show farm today. it used to be my dad's but now its my uncle's.
we stopped by there on the way home from nirvana because my brother, johnson wanted to collect some ostrich meat. this is supposed to be an ostrich farm but now it has lots of other animals too.

first, i saw this. a monkey.
i suddenly thought of how ivan would look like if he actually did chew on his toenails too ;P
im joking okayyy ivan
ANDD, apparently this monkey hates girls.
serious, im not joking.
so i just snapped the picture from a distance by ZOOMING.
ostriches. they were funny.
grandpa was trying to irritate them. hahha!
sry its dark. it was SUNNY.
if you can see at the back,
the ostrich has no feathers at its butt.
my cousin who was there told me that,
the ostriches loses some of its feathers when they are mating.
how rough :O.
and also they like pulling each other feathers out by pecking the others.

a horse! well, the only horse there!
goose or geese! i dont know.
leon told me to not go near it.
cause he told me that my other brother got chased by it before the last time.
the goose/geese looks pretty snobbish, you know.
just look at its beak/bill.
reminds me of uncle waldo from aristocats.
a deer!
only one tho. it was tied to a tree ;|.

i saw this
do you all know whats this?


original one is like the one below.
thats my favourite flavor, btw ;)
i think the only difference is that the opening flap of the original one is at the side and the stupid fake one is at the front.

anyway. thats all from me now okay.
im gonna have a bbq with my cousins tonight!

feon-na! ;D
btw enrique iglesias is so HOT.


hey! today's just another usual school day, bla bla bla... and i had dinner with my family at pavillion. just wanna show u 3 of my lil cousins! arent they cute? all three of them are siblings btw...=)

this is the eldest...


and the youngest!

wei yeen

Thursday, September 10, 2009

jaw dropping

this morning, pat and i were standing by the bridge near the North hall.
Mr Keaton was walking towards us.
k la k la towards pat la. not us. yet!
then, she was talking to a few of us and he appeared in front of her n asked
'do all the teachers need to be in the hall?'

omg she was speechless! should have SEEN the look on her face.
i was leaning against pat n i was like, 'yessssss...'
it was SO funny okay!
i was waiting for micronanomilliseconds for her to answer him so i answered lah.

it was funny indeed. love you pat!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009



THEREFORE ITS 09/09/09/09/09/09 :D

- l e N g -

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


hi hi srry srry. 
im gonna sleep soon and i just feel like blogging. hehe. guys srry hope you guys dnt mind! i love you! hee! c(;
im skyping w vik now he just finished skyping w his dad. 
i watched this really really funny vid from Britain's Got Talent audition. 
its so funny ok! i keep playing it in my head. especially the part when the host imitated him. haha!
watch watch!! 

oh and vik just told me that my mum called up his mum this afternoon. haha.
they were just talking n bla bla.
they always talk bout us u knw.. hmm
anyways, xing wei is SO funny.
she sits w me and she ALWAYS make me laugh!!!
like, seriously.

feon-na is.... loud. yeah..
hee! hi feon-na.


Frog Disection!

I was ok during the first bit of disection but when the blood started flowing out I went away. Oh gosh. I cant stand blood.
Anyways, today morning had orientation day 2 and i was chit chatting with pn zainab at the back bout cheerleading. She said that I should write a proposal to dr rizal rather than bugging him all the time. srry dr. :) hee.
and im feeling so rajin today so i hope that i'll make use of my time properly to study.
oh n i found out today im doing an Imovie with afiq again. and he's gonna be my husband again. haha. this time the movie is gonna be for raya. the previous iMovie i did with him was It's All About Love. go watch! hee.
and another imovie i did was with my baby V which is Beruang Spine Tingler. go watch!

anyways, stay tuned for more from others under this post. That's why i put my name. c(;

- l e N g-
Here's the video. Xin You can be a good surgeon. haha. He's HEARTLESS!! :)

It took me
HOURS to upload the video. I gave up. Here's the link.


its me, feon-na!
hahaha. wanna know smth?
frog disection was FUNNN! ask xin you. haha!

have u all tried this cracker?
Jacob's Weetameal. gosh theyre addictive -_-

and yesssss, i did buy that whole metal box -____- and yes, ive been eating it. grr.