Saturday, August 22, 2009


Currently waiting for fooooooood. :D Finally, i have brought myself to pack my stuff for sailing. And im done! Haha. Well, the title is krazy. Has nothing to do with this post. Im just currently listening to the song. Haha. Sailing is in 1 and a half hours time. I hope i dont drown. The only style of swimming i can do is froggy. And yes, i know, its sad. Blarghh. Wtv. At least i can floattttt. Can you? Hmmmmm? ;p

So, i set my alarm for 10am but ended up waking up at 1030am. Yes, its a gift. Haha.

*halfway through this post.
me : ya?
maid: makannn.
me : okay. *hears my aunty shouting, PAT!
crap, *runs down.

Im back now! :D OHYEAH. Im happy and full now. Haha. I sound like such a typical fatgirl. *no offence to fat ppl eventho im one of them? Anywayyyy, had wantan mee and soya beann. Haha. OH, guess wht? Ifreakingdonthaveactualsunblock! Im going to burnnnnn. Well, if it doesnt rain that is. *prays it doesnt rain. iwokeupatfreaking10forthis. :D Okay, that's all for now peeps. Catch y'all laterr. ;)


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