Friday, August 21, 2009

Poem Day.

He is funny,
He makes my world go round,
He takes care of me,
I am glad that it is him who I have found.

I never opened my eyes,
Nor have i noticed,
He melts my heart like ice,
Because of how special he is.

His smile is my addiction,
Towards me he is protective,
His touch is full of passion,
Without him I wonder how do i live.

When I look him in the eyes,
I know
He is the only one who I can put up with,
He still gives me butterflies,
And I know
He is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.


I remember it so well
Yet its hard to tell
I couldn't believe how fast I fell
Like a rock falling down a well

It all started that very night
When you first caught my sight
We talked from dawn to dark
And soon my heart felt the spark

I didn't know if this was true
But love is all I felt for you
I wished you feel the same too
But somehow you kept your feelings cool

I lived for months in confusion
Wondering if its worth my passion
Though I never could make a decision
But if the choice's now or never
I would say I want you forever


The cool breeze blows across the sea,
The stars sparkle in the dark of the night,
As I walk alone by the road side,
I felt a little bit of a fright.


I don't need you anymore,
You're such a bore,
I'm going to get my boat along with my oar,
To sail across the sea till I reach the shore.

How naive was I,
To never realize,
That all we've ever gone through,
Were just a bunch of lies.

As I sit here by the coconut tree,
I make a voodoo doll of you, for me,
To be able to make you suffer for the rest of my life,
Is all i need to keep me satisfied.


Time's passing so fast,
And yet I can't forget the past,
Your smell still lingers,
And I miss the feeling of your fingers.

The blue sky turns grey,
But I still continue to pray,
That one day I'll wake up,
To the feeling of your touch. :)


You make my tummy ache,
You heartless rotten egg.

You make my tummy ache,
Just like a bad piece of cake.

You make my tummy ache,
Because all you do is take.

You make my tummy ache,
And no, I won't break!


You told me you loved me,
But i had to set you free,
As you walked away,
I couldn’t look your way.

After all the lies you told,
How can we still go on?
As I walk alone in the cold,
I can feel a piece of me that’s gone.

All the memories we shared,
Will never be forgotten,
I thank you for pretending you cared,
I guess I was too much of a burden.

I said that I do not care,
But i lied too,
I guess that’s fair,
Don’t you think so?

If only I could bring you back,
You are the only thing I lack,
Now that you have gone so far,
All you left on my heart is a scar.


You brought me to the playground,
But left me on the merry-go-round.
You kept me waiting from day to night,
Untill the candle has lost its light.

I am not an angel or a devil,
I am something in between.
I push all my feelings aside,
And bury them deep inside.

I walk around like i don't care,
And eventually no one's aware.
I feel like shit most of the times,
But i will hide it deep in my heart.

I am not perfect for you and everything,
But this is me,
So take it or leave it,
But don't try to change me.


The 1st time I saw you,
You look as cute as Feon-Na.
The smile on your 'unique' face,
Remind me of my chocolate bar (shit face)

Your voice always brighten up my day,
But everything end too fast.
It was all fake,
Because you're a b*t*h

You shake your head like an indian woman, 
Move your shoulder like a crazy woman,
Powder on your face like an opera woman,
Smiling all day like a sickening demon.

With your voice so high up, 
I guessed you just got f''ed u.
Screaming like a freaking b*t*h, 
Just to reach that freaking pitch.


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