Saturday, August 22, 2009

best dinner ever!

hey folks! hehe here comes my 2nd post...

OMG i just had the BEST dinner ever in my life! It all started after my part-time job, and my family drove past this ITALIAN restaurant somewhere around Bank Negara. 'italian!' we all shouted together. That was one of the 1st time we actually reacted so family-ish. haha... Btw, my family just Love italian cuisine. That is one interest that we share. So we went down for a look, and with no doubts we stayed there for another 2 hours. I got so impressed by the environment and I took loads of pics in the restaurant... It gives me a really cozy feel and its kinda country+historical-style-ish. Here are some of them:

Exterior of the restaurant (still daylight)

Exterior of the restaurant (evening)


k that's the end of the pics. I'm not that good at photoshooting, and its not even on camera. I used my phone, so it might not look like the real thing. U've gotta go and experience it urself... The interior part of this restaurant was really comfy. It felt like home=) And there's paintings everywhere, abstract ones. Another thing that most people might not know is, this restaurant is managed by an Italian family! The Mum and Dad's the chef, the eldest sis's the waitress, the second bro was CUTE, and the lil sis is just there playing around... But overall, the food's really nice, the price is acceptable, coz the most expensive item was 30+, and the environment was juz fantastic. I would say this is a must-go-place!

Perfect venue for lovers on a date <3
i would bring my bf there if i have one...
also for family and friends as well of course=)

well, that's all from me today. hope y'all enjoy ur day as much as i do!

.:: wyeen::.

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