Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hi there

Since Wei Yeen has mentioned that our blog has not been touched for almost half a year, so here I am, updating it on behalf of STFU girls. :)

Everyone has been busy with each other's lives in terms of studies and colleges and other stuff as well. However! We do still talk every single day on Whatsapp and in our very own fb group. Everyone's been busy with exams including me. I am currently taking my AS examinations and I really can't wait to get it over with so that I can concentrate on my A2.

But anyway, stay tuned for more updates from us! :D

Farah Alya Ali

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love the previous post! SO funny!!! hahahaha.
anyways, loads have changed since i left!
im cmg back this time and i cant wait to see everyone! 
and i definitely cant wait to get back into shape! ;)
anyways, i've only been in contact with pat a lot. and a lil bit of na.. i think. 
i cant wait to catch up with the rest!!! muahahahhahaha! ;)

Farah Alya Ali

Friday, May 6, 2011


yee ling : how do you spell dying ah?
feon-na : *smiles cheekily* are u seriously asking me that? D-I-E.....
yee ling : *continues spelling* I-N-G right?
feon-na : i was just testing you. WTH.
yee ling : nooooo. i know its wrong spelling.


Monday, May 2, 2011


It has been ages since i last blogged. Been hooked on tumblr for so long. But no, I haven't forgotten this blog :)

Its May now. 4 months since I started college at MCKL. 4 months! See how fast time flies? By now, you'd think I've gotten used to it right? Well, I havent. Just so you know. I've been having drastic mood swings there. I could be super hyper one moment and the next, depressed. I miss everyone in high school. I miss us! That's not my only problem. You know, by this time, many have already thought about plans for the future. I should be thinking about them too. You see, O used to think that I'll be a dentist in the future but after a while, I realized that it isn't what I really want. Its just something my parents want me to do. I don't want to do something that will bore the shit out of me! NO WAY!! I always thought that I would end up doing something in the science stream. Now, the more I think about it, I'm starting to doubt that. Maybe that's not really what I want?

Its really frustrating you know? Time to think is almost up! Once A-levels is done, I will have to decide! Its already MAY! Not much time left! I'm really confused. Need someone to talk to. There are many cases where parents tell children that they didn't plan for what they are. Like they planned for something else but never actually manage to reach their goal? I don't want to be one of those parents. The parent with a broken dream. I want to be those parents where my future children will look up to and be inspired that I actually got to do what I want. You get what I mean? At the same time, I don't want a boring job! My parents want me to go for Medicine/Dentistry/Law. I don't want either of them now. I did try to tell my mum. But I think she has already decided to make me go for those. Everything else to her isn't professional! But why??

I really need to talk to someone who will understand me and give some advice :) I know, I know, i used to be the one giving advice. But now, it is my turn to seek for some :) If only I take my own advice!! haha.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hellohello! :)

It's been supadupah long since I've updated this bloggg. It's so much easier to reblog on tumblr than to type an actual post here on blogspot. But it's more meaningful to actually post one here right? :D

Okay, so yesterday we finally went out. I mean the girls and I. Just the 6 of us this time cause Farah and Brenda are abroad. Don't worry though, we'll all be reunited soon! :) I can't wait for us to have an actual vacation together! Like a road trip or overseas or smth! Hehehe. Okay back to topic. So yesterday we went to Gardens/Midvalley. Shuks and fenoya were there like hours before cause they wanted to study. (Dont know whether they managed to do it or not tho) :P So, at around 2smth3, Salmah came over to pick me up then to sg long to get G!

We reached midvalley around 3msth4 if im not mistaken. All my watches are out of battery. :\ Met them at big apple. They were studying. :P Then Salmah and I were hungry so we got some food. *as usual.

*okay fast forwardddd
DINNER TIME! x) took us ages to decide where to eat. In the end, we went to Italiannies at Gardens. We ordered like 5 dishes and shared everything. Boy, were we full. The foood was good tho. (well most of it) The chicken and the salmon fettuccine were (Y). :) By the end of the dinner, all of us were very happpy people. Hahahah. We divided everything and paid G back and realised she got 10 bucks extra. Instantly all of us thought, "let's get dessertttt!" x)

We went to coldstorage cause Shuks needed to get some household items and potatoes. Hahaha. So G bought us a tub of icecream to share. What better way to spend the extra 10 bucks right? :P
The problem now was getting 6 spoons. We saw an icecream shop so we were like, "Ask them for spoooons!"

Me: Go ask them, Feon-na.
Feon-na: Why dont you go ask for spoons?
Me: Why me?
Feon-na: You look like you can get 6 spoons.
Me: Really? :D Okay. *challenge accepted

*walks to the icecream shop.
Me: *smilessss
Lady #1: Yes? *smiles
Me: Can I get six spooons, please? *continues smilingg
Lady #2: Green?
Me: Any colour will do. *still smiling
Lady #1: *grabs 2. How many?
Me: 6. *shy smile :3
Lady #1: *gives 6 spoons.
Me: *SCOREEEEE! Thank you very much! :)

We finished the tub of ice cream in the car. I forgot to mention, even picking the flavour/brand of icecream took ages. -.- Then off to Ben's cause we wanted to "surprise" them.

*Salmah and G walks to the gate while the rest hides behind the pillar.
*light comes on at the intercom
Feon-na: Patttt, isn't there a camera there?
Me: Oh shitttttt, there issss. *laughhsss
Feon-na: Shitttttt. *laughs
Ben: You think I can't see you guys ah?

Oh mannnnnnn. -.- Nothing much happened after. Reached home around 10.30 :)


Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey! How are you guys doing? :) It's been ages since anyone updated this. I miss us :'( I'm sure that we'll be reunited again very soon.


Monday, February 14, 2011


Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 :)


Sunday, January 30, 2011

And so, the story continues. Another one of us has left the country. She'll be back soon :)


Take care of yourself and study hard! Thanks for the letters you gave us before leaving. Well, you didn't actually leave. You're still with us in our hearts <3>

Don't worry, dearest Brenda, you'll be home as soon as you know it. July will be here very soon :)

To the rest of us who are still here, promise that we'll meet up as much as we can? Including the smc guy gang :)

stfu girls :)

Friday, January 28, 2011


I HAVE UPDATED! wanted to update here but its too difficult for me to upload pictures. pictures + captions are on facebook! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i am so greedy.

*dad enters room singing*
dad : 'i wanna be a millionaire.....
me : (omg. is he singing Billionaire?)
dad : *continues singing* so friggin baddddd...'
me : daddy, its billionaire lah.
dad : i don't wanna be a billionaire. millionaire enough already. don't be so greedy.
me : -_-

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Take care of yourself. Although you're so far away, you're still so very near in our hearts :)
When you left, you have taken a piece of each and everyone of us with you, and in return, left us a piece of you embedded in our memory. This isn't goodbye. It is just a new start. Enjoy yourself as much as possible but also do remember to check in on us once in a while ;)

We'll see you soon

with love,
the stfu girls. <3

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, as of yesterday I am officially eighteeeeen yo. Joining Farah in the club. :P Had all my close friends and cousins with me yesterday at Federal Hill for a luau themed pool party. It was auhshome. :D The food was realllly goood. (thank you andrew korkor and alysa jiejie for that. hehe) Okay, so this is what I did yesterday. Woke up at 12smthpm, had to go to tesco to buy groceries (for home). Got back at 3pm and was freaking starving cause I hadn't had anything to eat since I woke up. As soon as everything was shifted from the car to the house, I rushed upstairs and packed my stuff. Got some stuff to eat then off to Federal Hill. Yeeling, Feon-Na and Brenda had already reached the place at 3msth 4.

In the car-
Wilbur korkor: PAT! Did you bring the cake?
Me : Oh, shit! waitwait. *calls ben - "Bennnnnn, can you do me a favour? :)"
(thanks bennybenben :P)

Reached the place and went to the poolside area. We started decorating and stuff. Slowly, more and more ppl arrived. The girls and I went to change into our hawaiian-ish baju. The party went on for like 30mins or so and it started raining. BOOOOO. I was like, oh nioooooo. After maybe an hour or 2, it finally stopped. Oh yeah, when it was raining we tried to play a game but it kinda failed (not because of the game itself, Fenoya :P)

Rain stoppped, a bunch of ppl swung me into the pooool! Almost everyone was in the pool after that. Since we were so noisy, the guards received around 22 complaints. Greaaaaat. All of us had to get out of the poool. Sorry guys. Heh.

After cleaning up and everything, it was around 1am. Went to D'Haven's, Bangsar to meet up with Rach, Kris, Sel and Brandon. Left around 2smth 3, came home, opened presents! KO-ed at 5am. Woooooooh, that was awesome. :)

Thank you...
Selina jiejie for the hairdye! <3
Ma,Granny,Pawpaw&Edward korkor for the angpaos! <3
Wilbur korkor for the awesome collage! <3
Andrew korkor&Alysa jiejie for the awesome party! <3
Crystal jiejie,Jay korkor,Little Ryan,Sherwyn korkor&Angeline jiejie for the cameraaa! <3
Rach&Kris for the bag!
Sel for the rings and blouse!
Brenda,Yeeling,Leng,Shuks&WeiYeen for the puzzle!
Feon-Na for the g-string! >)
Farah&Farooq for the blouses!
Vivian for the handmade necklace!
Angel&YoongWei for the bracelet!
ChunKeat for the body care set!
ChingXong for "Reddish Twin"!
Ben,Shahasra,JeongJun,Ranil,ChinChai&Edmond for the body shop set!
Albert,Edward,Suresh&Eugene for "Hornypat"!
Ryan for the Mango tanktop!
Xinyou for the present he forgot to bring! :P
everybody for the coming and the wishes! :)

*took this with my new camera! :)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Monday, January 10, 2011

i was a lost kid today

College Day 1.

I got really nervous last night, wondering what lies ahead for me on the first day of college. All I know is, no one goes there. Great. I reached the campus at 8.30am, coz registration starts from 9-10. I was glad that I'm early, but then I regret. It took less than a minute for me to register! So I have 1 hour of nothing to do. I sat on a bench near the main entrance, watching people go by. Everyone were gathered in groups, chatting away with their friends. I tried looking for someone as lost as I am, hoping to make friends with them. But all I saw was a few guys looking dull and emo, who doesn't seem approachable. Then I remembered the bridge connecting the campus directly to the shopping centre. It was just a 5 minutes walk, and I spent nearly half an hour there, while talking on the phone with feon-na.

10am. Typical orientation, where they introduce who the heads are, then the clubs and societies available, briefing and briefing and briefing. I sat next to 2 other girls, who were talking non-stop to each other. On my other side was a couple, but nahh, wouldn't wanna interfere with them. So I picked the 2 girls, and we talked throughout the orientation in the hall. They came alone too, like me, and both of them were friends on today itself. One of them looked like Veronica, and the other looked like Amanda Tiew. Okay, I have 2 friends now. Not too bad. At the end of it, only we found out that all 3 of us are taking different pre-u programmes! We laughed and said goodbye, and so its down to zero again.

My next session was at 1pm, and it was only 11+ when it ended. I wandered around the campus blindly, not knowing where to go, and expecting that I'll be having lunch alone. It wasn't long till I hear someone said "hi wei yeen". I looked up, it was LEE XUEN! I was so relieved on the spot. He's taking A-levels there. So I spent my whole lunch hour with him, walking around the shopping centre. Apparently he knows the place well, and he even brought me to the hall for my next session. I sat next to a girl named Rachel, and we talked and talked. I looked around and found out that the number of people is much lesser. They already separated the students into their programmes, so everyone in the hall is taking MUFY. (Monash University Foundation Year) After some briefing, they took us on a tour around the library, and the day ended at 2pm.

Conclusion, I made a friend today, she's really nice. And she's taking MUFY too, so hopefully I'll see her around. She's a science student though, sigh. We exchanged our numbers before she left. People at sunway are really nice too. I got lost a couple of times, and if you ask anyone for direction, they would actually walk you there themselves, then only they will head to their own destination. Heh. Bad news? Haven't seen any cute guys. Yet. Hope tomorrow would be better.

I realized something today. I haven't made new friends since std 4! I was with Brenda at first, then the gang just enlarges by itself. There was never a year when I enter the school, not knowing anyone around me. This is pathetic. I miss you girls!!! And the SMC guys too. Looking forward to this coming Saturday, where we'll be meeting up again. :)

wei yeen

Thursday, January 6, 2011


okay i am very hungry but i want to finish up the internet first.
so i have told all my friends, SMC boys and STFUGirls inc angel joo kei yitong and avelyn that we should all have twitter(so that everybody knows what everyone's doing) and foursquare(so that everybody knows where everyone is) dwnloaded in their cells. skype is too big and it lags in cells and people often get left behind. facebook is too general and everybody can see. we should all have this (guy gang&girl gang) so that next time when we see each other we wont ask each other "how've you been" as if we were never close friends before. its a sad feeling and i dont want all of us to ever feel that way.
with this also our friendship will forever last tightened and strong. :)

foursquare: my cell number
twitter: @fanineteen

Monday, January 3, 2011

1st Day Of College.

Today was the first day of college. Me, Na, Jay and Yung Chan are in MCKL. We're lucky that we actually have each other :) Today was tiring thanks to the Treasure Hunt. We were super sweaty and sticky. My favourite part of today was lunch time when we went to Timesquare to meet up with Brenda and Yee Ling :D Its so nice to see them again. But when we had to leave it was quite sad. You know the feeling when you hug someone and you don't want to let go? Yeah, that was what it was like.

I really miss all of you Cempakans :) Especially STFU girls and SMC guys. It felt quite weird without your presence. In Cempaka we were the seniors and we ruled the school! (hell yeah!) Today, we were the freshmen. Weird, yes, but we'll get used to it. :)

Good Luck to those starting college soon and also to those going for NS :)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

hello 2011!

yes, its 2011 now. it is the 2nd of January of 2011!
i just returned home from sabah yesterday night. and i fell sick. but sabah was good. ate ALOT. explains why i have food poisoning!
great, im sick and i feel nausea most of the time.
luckily, it wont be that bad as shuk and jay will be by my side tomorrow. and she told me that tomorrow is orientation day and theres this thing called ragging happening tomorrow. its a tradition where seniors will bully the juniors or freshman. oh gosh, hope nothing bad happens tmrw.
hope college is just as nice as school. yes, I MISS SCHOOL. in school, u know everyone and we are comfortable with everything.
oh, and when i enter my college tmrw, its my first time stepping in to that college. i have never been in it before. i have not even registered into that college too. u see how planned my future is? ;D
okay, i feel really sick now. i need a nap. oh yeah. i watched this movie called the good guy. it was kinda nice. i love bryan greenberg. hes the good guy in the movie. and there is a bad guy too. that was scott porter. hes cute too. but not as cute as bryan. and alexis bledel is the main actress. shes beautiful. okay. i think i need my nap. i cant even talk for long without feeling like im gonna vomit.
okay. take care! will blog about first day of college tmrw. OMG COLLEGE!



Memories that bond us together ♥

Helllooo.. hmphh the 2nd day of new year how do you feel? for me i am still stuck in 2010.hahahha. what are you girls up to? i miss you girls ! hahahaha let's flashback what we did through out last year !! "try thinking where and what happen in the picture while looking at it. u will get more than what you see ! "


FEBRUARY *note yeeling's face x)








busy with SPM so no party ! :(



ps: love you girls seriously ! :)
- ling

Saturday, January 1, 2011



- l e N g-