Friday, August 21, 2009

My first blog ever in my life!

omgggg this is my first blog ever. got introduced to it today! i love my gang! haha.

let me introduce to u my awesomest friends in the world! teehee

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top from left to right:

me! pat, yee ling, feon-na, wei yeen, ee leng.

bottom left to right:

shuk, brenda

PATRICIA CHIN KIT PO is the funniest and prettiest and i her so..

MA YEE LING is lame sometimes but she still make me laugh and i her..

TEH FEON-NA is really loud, funny and she's awesome.. and i her..

YIM WEI YEEN likes to day dream sometimes and we snap her out of her world like ''earth to wei yeen''. she's funny and i her..

GOH EE LENG has a sex body and she doesn't like it when i molest her.. she's really attractive, cute and clumsy and i her..

CHEGNE SHUK YIN is the youngest and she's like our MOM! lecture lecture and i her..

BRENDA LIM YEE WA is the best! she has the slimmest tummy and her mum's funny.. we always make fun of her and i ♥ her..

last but not least...

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she's the cutest and she's always with me in sch..

she is funny, adorable and i ♥ ♥ ♥ her..

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