Sunday, September 30, 2012


HI. I had a pleasant surprise on friday :)

So this was what happened.

Puddy called bebz and leng and they all planned it. i have no idea how the planning took place and stuff so i won't be able to tell you that :) But what i can tell you is that i was STARVING!! Mum kept giving the excuse that the chicken was too thick so its taking time to roast in the oven. Thus, not time for dinner. Later on at about 7-ish, mum came into the room and started talking to me about serious stuffs. I had no idea that bebz, leng, pat, xingyy and edible balls (sorry i just had to) were outside in the living room with puddy and a cake.

isn't it cute? :) its an ice-cream cake (vanilla and stawberry) and puddy chose it :) thanks puddy!

They BARGED INTO MY ROOM, BURSTING OUT IN SONG. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked and surprised. I mean, if you were listening to what my mum was telling me, it was a totally different atmosphere from what I got. Anyway, the candles were melting FAST and i took my time to blow them out blowww the candles ouutttt look like a solo toniggghhhttt. Turned out that everyone was in on the plan. They took me out to MV for mexican fooood!! PICTURES COMING UP! but lengyy had to leave early cuz she went home late the night before because she was sending sha off.

So here's what we had for dinner :) 

This was ballie's drink. no idea what it really is but obviously something lime. 

oh this tasted soooo goood. chicken inside and yes idk what its called too. AHAHAH SORRY! i didn't order! 

this is taco i think. idk ahahah

omg this was sooo good. cheesyyyy inside!! and there's some weird red bean paste with cheese on the side. 

xingyy didn't think the potatoes were potatoes but i swear they are! and this tasted yummm. not sure about the peppers tho.. 
Everything tasted like Doritos! I think everyone agrees with this. but they taste yummy. and yes i'm happy. Later on, we had dessert at SS2 at some place called KTZ and we met a radio DJ outside the shop. Not sure what her name is though but I remember she was the emcee at the AAR concert yeaaarss back. 

We took a few photos in gardens :) 


And in the car..

And this is what I got :)

book and a mysterious box.. 

two bracelets and what?? ITS FRIGGIN CANDYLAND IN IT!! :OOO *pukes rainbows*

thanks bebz :) <3 nbsp="nbsp">
I had lots of fun! thank youuuu bbys :) ILY ALL <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

oh and I got my hair cut. CHECK ITTT!

its sooo light now :D i'm happy!

Bonus photo!
because edward had the urge to take photos of the lamp oil thing on the table.
also, he claimed that this is my "dark side" AHAHAH! ily ballie :)