Friday, August 21, 2009

1st post, Finally=)

Hello to you =) who's reading my post...

This is my very first post on my very first blogg!! OUR very first blog actually. And, I have NO idea at all what I wanna write as my 1st post.

- 20 minutes passed-

(this might sound lame to you, but it really did took me tat long to think. those of you on skype should know)

Alrighty then. I shall talk about my life right now on this very moment. Its a combination of stress and happy at the same time. Stress due to loads of hw and projects and catching up with studies and finals is like what? another month to go... Gosh

As to why am I happy, that is not for me to tell and not for you to know. Hehe... If it worked out the way I wanted it to be, then you'll ALL be informed=)

Last but not least, there'll be more post from us soon enough so keep visiting!

.:: wei yeen ::.

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