Saturday, August 29, 2009

After Socials And The Day After =D

Socials was yesterday in Brenda and Edmond's house. 8 people squeezed into Chin Chai's Merc. Pat tried to ride a bike without brakes and you guys can guess what happened. The last people to leave Edmond's house were Brenda, Chin Chai, Wei Yeen, Feon-Na and I. Guess what time we left? 4 am!! We would have left later if t wasn't for Brenda's dad who called and asked us to go back. We watched 2 movies and had a karaoke session. Wei Yeen, Na and I slept over at Da's house. We chatted till 6 am and finally fell asleep. We wanted to wake up at 8 am but it failed. The alarm rang many times but we were too tired to wake up. Conclusion, we woke up at 9.30 am. We called Chin Chai and Edmond to go for "exercise". "Exercise" meant learning to drive =).

All 6 of us squeezed into Chin Chai's Myvi. We took turns to drive!! Leng! I get to drive earlier than you!!! Edmond taught Na but he didn't teach her to look at the mirrors. Chin Chai taught Wei Yeen and I but my briefing was longer. I was the only one who had to wear a safety belt just because i was waaayy underage =.=. There were a few workers who stared hornily at Na while she was driving. After our lesson, Chin Chai spun the car 360 in high speed. It was damn fun but kesian Wei Yeen. She had to take the weight of Edmond, Da and I as she was sitting at the side.

Chin Chai drove us back to Da's house where we had breakfast: Navian's spaghetti. Here are a few pictures taken yesterday at Chin Chai's house.

Ranil's not smiling!

Thx Edmond and Chin Chai =)


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