Friday, August 21, 2009

feon-na's first post ;)

hehe. my first OWN post in this blog. well, pat beat me to it. she did it first. farah TOO.

well, i am gonna talk about my day today.

it was kinda FUN! the seeting and pui mun gang didnt come. kinda adds up to why today is so fun,its just us! ;D its not that they are bad. they just make us look bad. sometimes;P.

oh oh! today when they were all trying to find a nice blogskin, i was sitting on yee ling's lap. hehe.
i pretended like i was on a roller coaster and her hands were the safety bars. it was FUNNY. and she grabbed me and tried tickling me AND i couldnt run away:|. she locked her arms. brenda and wei yeen joined yee ling by tickling me. it was bad. whenever i get tickled, my heart beats really really fast. i dont know why ;S.
i loved sitting on your lap, yee ling. sorry for sitting too high up which made you feel like pee-ing;X. hahahahaa.

another funny thing that happened is when i stepped on brenda's foot and ran away.
we ran from the corridors of M5 till the part where i reached the bridge, brenda was still behind me running after me and i did a sudden STOP.

guess what happened?
brenda continued running as I turned back and ran in to the science 2 class where they were having sej. it was funny when brenda saw me stop but she couldnt stop on time and continued running straight. HAHHAHAHAHA.

okay. i know this post is kinda random.
but that was my day!

this is for farah for writing about all of us.
i love calling you ali,
you are so funny and daring.
sometimes, u make me feel like such a loser
when u do daring stuff.

most of all you are nice and kind
thats why i love you;)
btw, brenda's mum IS funny.

sorry for the long post.
im done now.
byee. heh.


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