Saturday, August 29, 2009


the title is as stated above cuz this is just a random post. 
ok, so here goes..

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the top most pic; our arms look like heart shape.
this is xing wei.
she's funny and i her.
she did this for me! awwwww so sweet. hehe!

i am feeling really depressed and pressured now cuz of the amount of unfinished work i have.
seriously, there's a lot to study and finals are on 6th OCTOBER!
exactly a month from now.
haih haih haih!

mr Rodrigo wants to have tumbling class with us. (monday)
I havent talked to dr rizal bout cheer.
why? cuz i havent seen him in sch.
why? cuz he's always not around.
why? cuz he's busy.
parents problem with some of the cheerleaders.
coach problem.
why? cuz he cant enter sch compound.
why? cuz he's an outsider.
why? outsiders cannot come in the sch compund.
why? cuz dr rizal said so.
thats WHY i need to talk to him!


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