Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 2 of project!

This happened on Thursday, but I was too tired to blog about it last night. hehe....

So, here are some of the pics we took:


Our hard work!

Believe it or not, we cut those BIG pieces of wood with that SMALL lengkung halus.
And Sha Sha did not help us at all... He only did the nailing part.

Then we told Sha Sha to cut the biggest piece of wood in a hardware shop nearby. We reminded him to come back faster as its going to rain soon.

We were wondering what took him soooooo long juz to cut that wood.
Now we know...

See that slurpee in his hands?

PS: yl, leng, sha sha and shuk, its not clear enough to see wad we're painting it with :(

.:: wyeen ::.

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