Sunday, August 23, 2009


As you can see, i was too tired/lazy to post last night about sailing and stuff. So, here it is now. I left the house at about 1215-ishpm and for the first timeeeeee, i was early! It was drizzling when i got there and Cik Shahidah and i waited for everyone. While waiting for the d'sara ppl to come, Cik Shahidah and i played with Chingxong's iPhone. Whenever i won, she would go, "YOU TIPU AHHH" and i would be likeeee, "WHAAAAAAAT? NOOOO." It went on for about an hour maybe. The playing i meant. By the time the d'sara ppl came and we got on the bus, it was already 1.50pm.

Got on the bus and there was singing all the wayyy. As you all know how pig-ish i am, i managed to take a nap! :D So, yadayadayada, SAILING TIME. They picked which boat we had to go on according to our sizes and experiences. Angel and yeeling were going on the 420. Chingxong on the laser. And Xinyou and i on the optimist. We set up our boats and xinyou and i were the first ones on the water. Both of us were kinda freaking out when we got on. Oh, i hit xinyou's head like 5 times maybe? HAHAHA. Sorry! oh, i also squashes my middle finger like 3-5 times at the middle part. *forgot whts it called.

Both of us struggled to get to the orange buoys and boyy, it wasnt fun. Well, that part at least. While i was doing all the work, kesh and stanley passed us. Kesh: Xinyou, patricia doing all the work ah? Nvm lah, wht are girls for if they dont do all the work? AKHEM. Not a nice statement. Anyway, we capsized! Well, on purpose la. The guy said, since there's no wind, capsize drill everybody! So, Xinyou and i were like, NOW! And we jumped. It was hard to get back on the boat, man. Seriously. I was like xinyou, i cant get on. He just sat there. - - So, i just jumped and put my whole body on the boat. It wasnt funny. - - These are our boats.




Hmm, after that nothing interesting happened. So, second part. Ryan's birthday party. I reached about 9pm. Haha. And yes, i know i was late. My aunt stayed too, at her aunt's place that is. Ryan and i are kind of related in a way. We share an aunt. :D So, i reached there and i saw a table of cempaka ppl. Ate some stuff and had some drinks. Soon after, the games began. The first was a drinking game which i did not participate in. ;p and the second was some eating game. We had to eat bread. Oh, before i forget, there was freaking wasabi inside! OHH, btw, i cheated la. Sorry guys, jeongjun helped me eat the second piece. AHAHA.

Karaoke session was next. We sanggggg/shouted real loud. After that, i kinda lost my voice. And i aint kidding. You can ask brenda. She called me and i was like HeLLoooOOO. She was like o.O and started laughing at me. Blah, its okay, its back now. :D Hmm, after most of the ppl went back, i decided to go home to. It was about 1210am and i was like woahh. Past my curfew. At least when i got back my uncle wasnt angry about it. Yay. Thats all la. Oh, andddd.



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