Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hmm. Had extra classes today. Till 12.30pm. Had lunch, went home. The gang came for a while. Nothing happy happened today. It was more of a depressing day i would say. I did not have a nap today. Maybe thats why im feeling a lil cranky. Theres nothing much to post today actually. But since almost everyone posted smth, i shall post one too. Just for the sake of posting.

Oh, theres smth some good news too. Im not going for extra classes tmrw. Uhh, hopefully I will get a haircut too. My fringe is annoying me. Oh, so badly.

Hmm, i feel like i dont know you anymore.
I dont even have a chance to talk to you anymore. Whts happening. :\
I wanna go somewhere. Farfar away.


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