Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hellohello! :)

It's been supadupah long since I've updated this bloggg. It's so much easier to reblog on tumblr than to type an actual post here on blogspot. But it's more meaningful to actually post one here right? :D

Okay, so yesterday we finally went out. I mean the girls and I. Just the 6 of us this time cause Farah and Brenda are abroad. Don't worry though, we'll all be reunited soon! :) I can't wait for us to have an actual vacation together! Like a road trip or overseas or smth! Hehehe. Okay back to topic. So yesterday we went to Gardens/Midvalley. Shuks and fenoya were there like hours before cause they wanted to study. (Dont know whether they managed to do it or not tho) :P So, at around 2smth3, Salmah came over to pick me up then to sg long to get G!

We reached midvalley around 3msth4 if im not mistaken. All my watches are out of battery. :\ Met them at big apple. They were studying. :P Then Salmah and I were hungry so we got some food. *as usual.

*okay fast forwardddd
DINNER TIME! x) took us ages to decide where to eat. In the end, we went to Italiannies at Gardens. We ordered like 5 dishes and shared everything. Boy, were we full. The foood was good tho. (well most of it) The chicken and the salmon fettuccine were (Y). :) By the end of the dinner, all of us were very happpy people. Hahahah. We divided everything and paid G back and realised she got 10 bucks extra. Instantly all of us thought, "let's get dessertttt!" x)

We went to coldstorage cause Shuks needed to get some household items and potatoes. Hahaha. So G bought us a tub of icecream to share. What better way to spend the extra 10 bucks right? :P
The problem now was getting 6 spoons. We saw an icecream shop so we were like, "Ask them for spoooons!"

Me: Go ask them, Feon-na.
Feon-na: Why dont you go ask for spoons?
Me: Why me?
Feon-na: You look like you can get 6 spoons.
Me: Really? :D Okay. *challenge accepted

*walks to the icecream shop.
Me: *smilessss
Lady #1: Yes? *smiles
Me: Can I get six spooons, please? *continues smilingg
Lady #2: Green?
Me: Any colour will do. *still smiling
Lady #1: *grabs 2. How many?
Me: 6. *shy smile :3
Lady #1: *gives 6 spoons.
Me: *SCOREEEEE! Thank you very much! :)

We finished the tub of ice cream in the car. I forgot to mention, even picking the flavour/brand of icecream took ages. -.- Then off to Ben's cause we wanted to "surprise" them.

*Salmah and G walks to the gate while the rest hides behind the pillar.
*light comes on at the intercom
Feon-na: Patttt, isn't there a camera there?
Me: Oh shitttttt, there issss. *laughhsss
Feon-na: Shitttttt. *laughs
Ben: You think I can't see you guys ah?

Oh mannnnnnn. -.- Nothing much happened after. Reached home around 10.30 :)


Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey! How are you guys doing? :) It's been ages since anyone updated this. I miss us :'( I'm sure that we'll be reunited again very soon.