Monday, August 31, 2009


helo. i am in a place where i am so bored.
so, i decided to post smth here.

let me show u smth interesting first.
i was online with my mac when i looked beside me and saw leon 'studying'.
pfft. yea right.

it was taken with photobooth. thats when i realised i have lots of nice pics. well, some lahh. so i decided to uplod the pretty ones.

i was too hyper? -_-

at brenda's house doing the ziggurat.
we were eating waffles. yumm.

okay lah. thats all from me.


31st of august, yay -_-

happy merdeka!

baked cupcakes yesterday. well, the day before yesterday. found a pic of a rainbow cupcake in one of the sites on tumblr and decided to make some. kinda happy cos they were so colourful;D
getting the rainbow colours

yes, my maid helped ;|

didnt get to make the icing, had no time.

had a loooong day today. sigh.



Saturday, August 29, 2009


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he is better to look at in videos and real life! i swear
omggggg i am obsessed of him!!!! 
he is so cute!!!!!!
ive been loving him since smallll!

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click to see bigger
omg omg omg omg omg!!!!
i wanna watch this dramamamamamamama!
thats carmen soo! from malaysia!
i like her. she's soooo prettyyyyy!
my godddd i really wanna meet JERICHO!!!!!!
seriously i must meet him before i dieeeee!!!!


After Socials And The Day After =D

Socials was yesterday in Brenda and Edmond's house. 8 people squeezed into Chin Chai's Merc. Pat tried to ride a bike without brakes and you guys can guess what happened. The last people to leave Edmond's house were Brenda, Chin Chai, Wei Yeen, Feon-Na and I. Guess what time we left? 4 am!! We would have left later if t wasn't for Brenda's dad who called and asked us to go back. We watched 2 movies and had a karaoke session. Wei Yeen, Na and I slept over at Da's house. We chatted till 6 am and finally fell asleep. We wanted to wake up at 8 am but it failed. The alarm rang many times but we were too tired to wake up. Conclusion, we woke up at 9.30 am. We called Chin Chai and Edmond to go for "exercise". "Exercise" meant learning to drive =).

All 6 of us squeezed into Chin Chai's Myvi. We took turns to drive!! Leng! I get to drive earlier than you!!! Edmond taught Na but he didn't teach her to look at the mirrors. Chin Chai taught Wei Yeen and I but my briefing was longer. I was the only one who had to wear a safety belt just because i was waaayy underage =.=. There were a few workers who stared hornily at Na while she was driving. After our lesson, Chin Chai spun the car 360 in high speed. It was damn fun but kesian Wei Yeen. She had to take the weight of Edmond, Da and I as she was sitting at the side.

Chin Chai drove us back to Da's house where we had breakfast: Navian's spaghetti. Here are a few pictures taken yesterday at Chin Chai's house.

Ranil's not smiling!

Thx Edmond and Chin Chai =)



the title is as stated above cuz this is just a random post. 
ok, so here goes..

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the top most pic; our arms look like heart shape.
this is xing wei.
she's funny and i her.
she did this for me! awwwww so sweet. hehe!

i am feeling really depressed and pressured now cuz of the amount of unfinished work i have.
seriously, there's a lot to study and finals are on 6th OCTOBER!
exactly a month from now.
haih haih haih!

mr Rodrigo wants to have tumbling class with us. (monday)
I havent talked to dr rizal bout cheer.
why? cuz i havent seen him in sch.
why? cuz he's always not around.
why? cuz he's busy.
parents problem with some of the cheerleaders.
coach problem.
why? cuz he cant enter sch compound.
why? cuz he's an outsider.
why? outsiders cannot come in the sch compund.
why? cuz dr rizal said so.
thats WHY i need to talk to him!


i lost 2 teeth !!

I went and pulled my teeth already :)

HOPE it won't be PAIN. still numb.

look at the BLOOD. It can't stop bleeding.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 2 of project!

This happened on Thursday, but I was too tired to blog about it last night. hehe....

So, here are some of the pics we took:


Our hard work!

Believe it or not, we cut those BIG pieces of wood with that SMALL lengkung halus.
And Sha Sha did not help us at all... He only did the nailing part.

Then we told Sha Sha to cut the biggest piece of wood in a hardware shop nearby. We reminded him to come back faster as its going to rain soon.

We were wondering what took him soooooo long juz to cut that wood.
Now we know...

See that slurpee in his hands?

PS: yl, leng, sha sha and shuk, its not clear enough to see wad we're painting it with :(

.:: wyeen ::.


this reminds me of brenda somehow. how cute!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shahasra's Hormones OUT OF CONTROL !!

We were panting our sejarah project and this conversation happened:

Sha : We shouldn't paint now la. Mou Tai Yong.

EL : Huh? Mou Kai Yong?? (dunno why i will hear till mou kai yong. haha)


YL : sha, wad type of 'kai?'

WY : pak zam kai !

EL : hak kai la

WY : siew kai!

Sha : ngoi kok kai la! 100% satisfaction (overseas "kai")

* LAUGH EVEN HARDER* wy rofl...

Happiest day in de month :)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Teeth


Pulling out my teeth next week. FOUR of them. OUCH! !

i'm going to look weird in school with four holes in my mouth. haiz.

-l e N g-

Pictures :)

Shahasra walking to Yee Ling's house from guardhouse with the saw and other materials. pity him.

Cleaning Up (raining)


Pillars (made from clay)

Making the pillars.

- l e N g -

Project Day!

Today, Leng, Sha Sha and I skipped school, went to Yee Ling's house to do our sejarah project.

While waiting for Ee Leng, Yee ling and Sha Sha watched D.I.E while I did some chemistry homework. After watching, Sha Sha wanted to join Ranil and the others at the mamak stall. He walked there and Yee Ling ordered McD. After the delivery came, Leng finally arrived. The wood she brought was so heavy and thick. We started by measuring the wood and trying to cut it but the saw was too small to cut it. I called Sha Sha to borrow a saw from Ranil. Yee Ling and I moved on by cutting pipes while Ee Leng continued measuring. We realized that we cannot do aynthing without a saw and nails so we paused.

I continued doing chemistry while the other two watched their movies. At 2.15 pm, Yee Ling called Sha Sha as she got impatient. He was already at the guardhouse and he was panting on the phone. We took a few pictures of him but its in Leng's camera.

We tried cutting the wood using Ranil's saw but it didn't work. However, it can cut through another piece of wood. The way Yee Ling cut wood is damn scary. Its like she's killing something because of the way her eyes stares at the wood is scary and her screaming is scary too. We cut the wood wrongly so we had to glue it back with hot glue gun. We made the base and the stairs of the Parthenon. We wrapped clay around the pipes and carved lines on it to create the pillars. Sha Sha took 20 mins to make 1 pillar while Ling could make about 5. We wanted to dig some secrets from Sha Sha but it didn't work. He just said "dunno", "har??". So we just gave up.

The Parthenon is not fully done yet. It will be continued tomorrow. Here are a few pictures that were taken.
There are more pictures but they are with Leng.