Tuesday, August 25, 2009


today was a very tiring day. 
i did a merdeka imovie w wei yeen(chinese mom) , edmond(chinese dad) , boon shang(chinese son), edi(malay son) and afiq(malay dad). i played the role of a malay mom. 
it was nice but tiring. fasting summore.
still tired. just broke fast. hehe.
tmr last day of shooting. 
a lotta things in my head right now. 
projects and homework. haih.
im trying not to thnk of any of em right now cuz im only thinking of resting.
avelyn's here btw. she's sleeping over til tmr. 
by then it wont be fun nymore. :(

ps; whts up w pat n feon-na

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