Sunday, January 31, 2010


OMGOMG!! I went to BOYS LIKE GIRLS concert on friday night with Ardi, Johan, Chong Kien and their other friends whose names have been forgotten XD. We were right at the back during the concert. Reached the place quite late la. Ardi was high and couldnt stand properly. He kept falling and was shouting and i dont know whats wrong with him. Malaysian bands and DJs were up first. DJ's were DJ GOLDFISH and another DJ whose name I have forgotten. Johan said that the DJ's name was DJ Chicken or sth like that. Sixth sense, Aizat and a hong kong guy called Khalil Fong. While sixth sense was performing on stage, Ardi and I sat in a corner. They were so noisy and the songs sounded kinda..... The lead was shouting in the freaking mic. =.= I spotted BLG!! upstairs and was like "ARDI!! THEY'RE UP THERE!!!" We went nearer for a closer look but I couldnt really see them la. I saw Martin walking and John posing for pictures. After Aizat finished, Khalil Fong performed. He has good english =D. Then..... BLG!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Songs performed:

1. I gotta feeling -> LOVE DRUNK!
5. HEELS OVER HEAD!!!!!!!! =D
8. THUNDER!!!!! <3

Martin has the most sexiest voice ever!!! The way he talks and sings <3 *melts* =P hehehe. Oh and I met Derrick there and Andrew. Derrick recorded the songs buttttt the video has NO SOUND!! =( NOOOOOOO!! Its so sadddd that Jullya wasn't there to go crazy with me =(. I MISS YOU WOMAN!! She had tuition. Sorry ppl! there are no pics for me to post. Standing at the back and I can't really see that much.



more pics on facebook
firstly, mum said ''lets go out tonight for dinner at pavi''
so i said ok la then i got ready. then, we left the house w 2 cars. mum took the estima w tsara and mimin and i went w the boys on harrier.
then, instead of pavi, we went to Borneo Baruk Club.
i was told my mum's 'friends' were coming and my mum weren't there yet cuz she was picking up her 'friends'. hahaha.
so... while waiting, i was bored so i texted pat. hahaha.
we texted and texted and while i was replying her. somebody pushed my back then when i turned around... BAMMMM them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you so much mummy and gang! 
you guys are the best! it was so nice! 
but ee leng wasnt there :(((((((((((((
oh i almost forgot. when we were leaving i took the girls for a drive. then we went thru this vip drop off at dragonfly club and there were THREE horny men looking and waving and us!!!!
it was like during na's sleepover when we were checking out the aquaasss... hahahahahahaha


Friday, January 29, 2010

ellie & carl.

Russell: The wilderness must be explored! Caw-caw, rawwwr!

goshh. i hate this boy -_-.

but, i simply love UP!

Russell: Sit boy. Hey look, he’s trained! Shake. Uh-huh. Speak.
Dug: Hi there.
Carl: Did that dog just say “Hi there”?
Dug: Oh yes.
Carl: Whaa!
Dug: My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you.

Dug: I was hiding under your porch because I love you. Can I stay?
Carl: Can you stay? Why, you’re my dog aren’t ya? And I’m your master!

Russell: Good afternoon. My name is Russell. And I am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54, Sweat lodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?
Carl: No.
Russell: I could help you cross the street.
Carl: No.
Russell: I could help you cross your yard.
Carl: No.
Russell: I could help you cross… your porch.
Carl: No.
Russell: Well, I gotta help you cross something.
Carl: No, I’m doing fine.


this makes me sad ;|.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bad eyelashes.


It has been awhile since i last updated this blog. I apologize to all stfu readers. There was not much to blog about. Everyday was like everyday. Nothing much happens. Its like class starts at 8 am and ends at 3.30 pm. Both Wei Yeen and I head to the CPAC floor with Ivanna and Edward after school for CVIC practices and we all leave at 5 pm. Sometimes Ivan leaves earlier and Edward left at 4.30pm yesterday. Come back from school, skype+dinner+bathe+homework+more skype and then its bedtime. This is the routine for us every single day. Nothing much happens. Okay back to the topic.

Yesterday, I had a prickling feeling in my right eyeball. Guess what? My eyelash went into it AGAIN. I have no idea how many times it wants to get stuck in the corner of my eye. I tried removing it with my fingers and water but it didn't work. Next, I used eyemo! and yes it came out. BUT i could still feel the prick. I suspected there was another one inside and yes i was right again. 2!! after the second one was removed, the prickly feeling was still there. OMG! imagine having 3 eyelashes stuck in the corner of your eye!!! I used a lot of eyemo again but this time it didn't come out till this evening. I couldnt take it anymore and asked help from my sister. She has removed my eyelash from inside my eye before so she could do it again. The last time she did it, she used her freakishly LONG nails. This time, my mum was there and told her to NOT use her nails. She used a cotton bud to poke my eye a few times till it came out like FINALLY! She told me "See! Who ask you to have such long eyelashes?? This is the bad thing about having them" and I was thinking "and wy wants them =.="



Monday, January 25, 2010

oh look!

my maid found a bird today! a baby bird!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

xiao mei!

HELO. wow. its been almost a week since this blog has been updated.

haha. anyway, today when i was about to start on my homework, my little cousins came.
there were 3 of them ; a boy who is 11. 2 girls who were 10 and 6.

the 6 year old one started playing with all my soft toys and started talking to them, making up stories and names for them. hahaha. shes so cute. i took a video of her. shes pretty hamsap for a six year old. btw, i call her xiao mei. pat said she looks like a lamb last time. *i changed it already, pat*

she likes betty boop. YES. betty boop! as in betty in red with BIG boobs. this is a picture of her discovering betty's boobs :|. when she saw betty boop up in a cupboard, she instantly grabbed it. then she looked at betty's top and said ''WUA. ce, look LOOK! hehe.'' *pulls down betty's dress, exposing the boobs* this is a picture of her discovering betty's boobs and pointing them to me :|.

sorry! u need to rotate your head. i couldnt rotate it.
these are videos of her playing with the toys.

she said 'THAI SAM!'' which i didnt understand at first. then later my mum told me it meant bra. HAHAHA.

btw, she has a boyfriend. this is how i knew.
xiao mei's 10 year old sister : xiao mei got boyfriend.
me : WHAT? boyfriend?
*looks at xiao mei and realises shes smiling at me cheekily*
me : xiao mei, u got boyfriend ah?
xiao mei : yes. *smiles shy-ly*
me : wua. so fun. whats his name?
xiao mei : brandon cham.
me : Oo. how old is he?
xiao mei : same as me. 6 years old.
me : wua. mummy knows this anot?
xiao mei : yes, everyone knows.
me : ohhhh. u love him ah?
xiao mei : yesss. *smiles*

then, xiao mei's mum (my aunt) joins in.
aunt : ask her when shes getting married.
me : when u getting married?
xiao mei : i dont know :)
aunt : tomorrow or next month?
xiao mei : next month.


after that, she whispered to me.
xiao mei : xiao mei love brandon cham. hehe.

i seriously dont know whether it was serious.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

birthday, me 17.

So, yesterday was my birthday and hell yes, it was awesome. ;p the night before at about 11.59pm as i was listening to my iPod, yeeling called. While i was on the phone with her, shuk called and i picked up. When i clicked the green button and said hello, she din answer me, so i thought i din click it and clicked the green button again. Then, i said hello and i heard leng's voice. I was like, o.O wada..? so i looked at my phone and i saw shuk's call on hold. Hahaha. Sorry shuk! :D Shuk called again and while i was on the phone with her, feon-na called and when i was on the phone with feon-na, brenda was on call waiting. So it was a pretty funny night. Anddd, thankyouuu guys/girls*weiyeencoughcough* soooooooo much! i love you people to bits! <3<3

Ohoh, so on friday right, i was waiting for school to end so badly. Like on the last period of class i was already looking at my watch every 2 mins. Okayokay, im exaggerating. About every 10 mins or so la. Haha. I just wanted to get out of class already and i had no idea wht was going on okay. When Ms. Jo said "class stand, thank you class" and right after we thanked her, i literally shouted, YAYYY! And then! The door opened and all my favourite ppl came in with a cake! No, not an ordinary cake. It was a cake made up of slices of different cakes! *HOWKOOLZIZZHATZ?!* i know right. HAHAHA. I was like, ;OOOOOOO (literally). THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! :D hehe.

After that, i got ready for dinner with family! We headed to Souled Out and then to Envy Club. Hehe. It was awesomeeee too. Oh, Selviah was there too. Hehe. The food at Souled Out is pretty nice. :D And, thank you, maaaaaaa! <3 xx love you. :)

Last week, i went for my birthday dinner too! Hehehe. This was with my uncle and aunty. We went to Bon-Ga, Solaris. Haha, i know, Solaris again. But it was still awesome. The food there was yummm. Andddd, i saw two cute waiters. And by cute, i do not mean ugly but adorable. As in like good looking and sexy. HAHA. Thank youuuu, pakpak and pakleong! <3

OHOH, altogether i've had 3 birthday cakes! Hehehe. Yeap, that means three wishes! Hope they come true. :D *yes, chunkeat, i bet you're dying to make some smart comment. but i dont care. :P* Boy am i lucky or wht? :P

OHOH! Andddd, i also got presentsssss! Yayyyy. Hahaha.
Thank You :-
Ma for the necklace!
Granny for the dress!
Feon-Na and Brenda for the hairbrush!
Yee Ling for the Coach wristlet!
Ivan for the necklace!
Ching Xong for the shirt!
Edward for the soft toys, handmade card and handmade green hanging thingy which i dont know wht its called!
Selviah for the dress!
Chun Keat for the chocolate you sat on and was given to by your sister!
Wilbur korkor for the 7-up revive! - - hahaha.
Crystal jiejie for the card flown from Perth. and the present that i should be receiving soon! HAHA.
Angel, Brenda, Ching Xong, Suresh, Ardi, Edmond, Ben, Feon-Na, Farah, Yee Ling, Ranil, Shuk Yin, Edward, Ivan, Wei Yeen, Ee Leng and Chun Keat for the awesomeawesome cake!


ps; i iz officially seventeenz. ;O



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chun Keat's smartness.

We were having our usual skype chat when chun keat pissed someone off. and this happened.

[1/14/10 8:05:28 PM] Wong Chun Keat: ITS EASY TO AVOID ME
[1/14/10 8:05:31 PM] Iv4n Ng: go clean the toilets ck
[1/14/10 8:05:34 PM] Iv4n Ng: GO
[1/14/10 8:05:37 PM] Wong Chun Keat: CLEAN EDI LA
[1/14/10 8:05:38 PM] Iv4n Ng: GO CLEAN UR LITTER BOX
[1/14/10 8:05:40 PM] Wong Chun Keat: JUZ NW
[1/14/10 8:05:51 PM] Wong Chun Keat: .
[1/14/10 8:06:02 PM] Wong Chun Keat: i hv a modern litter box
[1/14/10 8:06:07 PM] Shuk Yi1n: eewww
[1/14/10 8:06:06 PM] Wong Chun Keat: its called a BED
[1/14/10 8:06:15 PM] Shuk Yi1n: omg you litter in a BED??
[1/14/10 8:06:17 PM] Iv4n Ng: so
[1/14/10 8:06:21 PM] Iv4n Ng: u pee in ur bed?
[1/14/10 8:06:23 PM] Iv4n Ng: HAAHHAAHHAAHHAHAH
[1/14/10 8:06:29 PM] Shuk Yi1n: hahahah
[1/14/10 8:06:33 PM] Wong Chun Keat: ..
[1/14/10 8:06:35 PM] Wong Chun Keat: no
[1/14/10 8:06:39 PM] Wong Chun Keat: ITS WHERE I SLEEP
[1/14/10 8:06:40 PM] Iv4n Ng: I'll be home for Christmassssssss.
[1/14/10 8:06:43 PM] Iv4n Ng: lol
[1/14/10 8:06:48 PM] Shuk Yi1n: On 1/14/10, at 8:06 PM, Wong Chun Keat wrote:
> i hv a modern litter box

On 1/14/10, at 8:06 PM, Wong Chun Keat wrote:
> its called a BED
[1/14/10 8:06:48 PM] Iv4n Ng: cats dont sleep in a litterbox = =
[1/14/10 8:06:54 PM] Shuk Yi1n: ahahaha
[1/14/10 8:06:55 PM] Iv4n Ng: THEY PEE AND SHIT IN IT
[1/14/10 8:06:57 PM] Wong Chun Keat: MY BASKET= BED AND LITTERBOX= toilet
[1/14/10 8:07:04 PM] Wong Chun Keat: there
[1/14/10 8:07:09 PM] Iv4n Ng: so u pee and shit on ur bed?
[1/14/10 8:07:13 PM] Iv4n Ng: and then sleep on it?
[1/14/10 8:07:15 PM] Shuk Yi1n: ahahahahah
[1/14/10 8:07:33 PM] Wong Chun Keat: OH GOD
[1/14/10 8:07:34 PM] Shuk Yi1n: litter box
a box or tray containing granular absorbent material into which a cat can urinate or defecate.
[1/14/10 8:07:40 PM] Shuk Yi1n: On 1/14/10, at 8:06 PM, Shuk Yi1n wrote:
> On 1/14/10, at 8:06 PM, Wong Chun Keat wrote:
> > i hv a modern litter box
> On 1/14/10, at 8:06 PM, Wong Chun Keat wrote:
> > its called a BED


Monday, January 11, 2010

birthday gurl ahahaha

hallooo! hi hi hi.
omggg its been so long since i blogged! shytes!
i love my gang!
u know what they did today! they surprised me w a birthday cake! 
well i was half surprised thanks to feon-na!!!!!!
she freakin' spoiled the surprise.
they are, pat leng yee ling shuk na brenda wei yeen , truest bestest friends in the whole wide world. always there for me and when ever each of us have a birthday, there's always surprises. 
true friends.. true friends.
and shuk called me 12 sharp last night and wished me happy birthday and told me she loves me.
awwwwhhh. shuk is like the sweetest living thing on earth! i love you too!
and and thank you so much people for wishing me!
vik was the first one to wish me.
i actually forgot that it was my birthday til he wished me.
and after some time, he called me back while i was replying people's messages,
with a sad tone he said, happy half a year baby, i love you...
omggggggggg i totally forgot! haih haih. im sorry honey happy half a year!

anyways, i didnt blog in december cuz vik was around and i didnt wanna blog cuz i could do it after he's gone.
it was an amaazing month. we spent everyday of the month together and it was freakin' awesome.
he left yesterday afternoon ;''''( so sad.
i miss him so much. like seriously
im devastated.

anyways, i shifted house just a min away frm the old one. 
hah. i know.
so i dnt have internet yet but maxis broadband-my dad's
everyone's using it in the house!
i wanna buy my own one.

oh last thing. 
i always update my iPhone calendar right..
the sch's planner i typed in already. 
so on the 11th(today) i didnt type anything. 
and u know what!
vik secretly typed in notes under the 11th of january with the title 'happy birthday my darling'. so sweet!
under the notes he said all the sweet things and all that. haih
so sweet right.
the sweetest thing. 

oh and yee ling, pat , na gave me birthday gifts.
yee ling and pat gave me a La Senza laced thongs.
its black and i tried it on just now. its so damn nice and sexay!
thanks girls! i love you
and na gave me a topshop necklace. very very pretty and green!!! my fav colour.

2010 is a busy busy busy year. imma have to brace myself. wakakakaka


Saturday, January 9, 2010


hello readers.
I was skyping today. Wei Yeen told us about the reverse curse thing so we started cursing each other to not have bfs/gfs in the future. My sister was standing behind me and was kinda reading the chat. The following convo took place when she saw Na cursing edward to not have a gf.

sk: eh. actually edward is kinda cute la.
sy: i know.
sk: when is his birthday?
sy: 13th september.
sk: URGHHHH. he's younger than me =.=
sy: *looks at her* its just a few months =D
sk: still la. i do mind.

thats all for today =D.


Friday, January 8, 2010


I finally have my connection back !! xD
Haven't been blogging for days and i realize ONLY feon-na is the one who kept updating this blog. haha

Its a Japanese Movie.
The storyline is predictable BUT i still like it. hehe :D

  • Description:

    Last fall, over 3 million people were brought to tears by the movie Koizora. The original story of Koizora, by the author Mika, was popularized on the cell phone novel site, Mahou no Land, and since then has been turned into a novel, a movie, and now a drama. The highly popular movie will be turned into a drama, which follows the life of a normal higschool girl who experiences many unbelievably sad events, but through it all proving that love conquers all, and this true love story remains unchanged from the movie. Not only does it simply portray the first love of the highschoolers, it shows the warmth from the family, the importance of life, the bonds with friends, and the common happenings of teens, and through it all Mika and Hiro's love story gets unwound.

-l e N g -

over my shoulder.

i really love this movie.

over my shoulder by mika has been playing in my head since i came home.

Monday, January 4, 2010

first day!

today was the first day of school!
it was good to be back.
saw the same old people, teachers, cleaner aunties, pn aimi etc.

nobody has time to update the blog cos we are all busy with bm homework.
i knowww, its only the first day and so many homework already.

this is what we mostly hear in the chat :

komsas homework need to leave a page ah?

who got printer? WHO GOT PRINTER?

who can help me print my mindmap?

whos done with komsas?

WHAT? no more ink?

omg. need to adjust the mindmap. how to adjust?

oh crap. i realised i dont have a komsas reference book!

haha. im glad im done with it :D

good night.
hope u all can finish all your homework by tonight :)

bye bye.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

first of the last.


school starts tomorrow,
it will be the FIRST day of the FINAL year.
senior year :O


thats me and my boyfriend. we walk to school together x)

im pretty nervous. are u all? :S