Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tiring day!

im just gonna blog about what happened today.

8am-10 am
in school for bio class.
i reached sch and found the ivan, shahasra, danial, chun keat, ben and suresh at the lower bus stop. they were there waiting for i dont know who. then i decided to sit there while i wait for their reply when i asked them whether they were going to class. thats when they told me that no one in sci 1 came -_-. i was glad brenda told me yesterday that she was coming to school. i also couldnt wait to see brenda's new hairstyle.
so, i just sat there and chatted with them.
along came eugene, as usual they kacau-ed him.
around 10 mins later, brenda came!
*jeng jeNG JENG*
i saw her hair! it was so straight. when i first saw it i was like ''WHOA. CLEOPETRA!''
it was really really soft though. very different from her previous hair. heheh. ;X
we continued talking a little while more and went class. MISS PRASSANNA WASNT THERE! -____-. eugene called her and then she was in sch in like 15 mins later.
didnt learn much but we saw lots of natural disaster pics. it was just brenda, eugene and i in class.
class ended. was waiting for my car. it didnt come but suresh, ben and chun keat came.
ben asked me whether i wanted to follow them to ranil's house. decided to go with them.
the walk there was fun. they told me a story about how vincent got robbed and where they pee-d before in those bushes on the way to ranil's -_-.
we finally reached. i saw anup and siva! i dont know either siva or anup remembered my name! haha. i only went there once thats why. i sat down for less than 2 min and my car came -__-

11-1 pm.
chem tuition at home.
after class, when i opened the door to let him go out, my teacher just stood there. i stood there also lah. then i realised.
oh yeaaaa. i forgot to shoo my dogs away. hes really scared of dogs even little smokey.

had lunch and went online.

add math tuition at home.
half dead throughout the class. i was so sleepy already. i feel asleep several times. pretty embarrassing ;X.

glad it was over! was so tired. but i had only like an 3 min nap because PATRICIA CHIN WOKE ME UP. she shouted my name through skype call and i woke up -_-.

anyway, thats all for my day.
looooooooong post. heh. sry.
made the font small so that it doesnt look that long. hehe.


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