Saturday, October 31, 2009


I just came home from the Gardens, watched MJTII w family and it was shizzing amazingly awesomeeeeeeeeee......
I freakin' danced okay while i was watching. hahaha.
it was so beautiful. amazing. phenomenal. woah...
that was it.

Anyways, i made my vickity vik vicky a lil surprise at 12 am 29 oct 09. it was his birthday and he turned 17!
still a baby okay.. my baby.. heeh!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

IU DAY and RAG day

Hello readers! =D

Our school will be having an International Understanding Day (IU Day). This year's theme is Australia. For those of you who doesn't know what IU Day means, it is a day where we learn about other cultures. So this year, we are learning about Australia!! There will be performances, FOOD and GAMES! So, head over to Cempaka Cheras to have an awesome time! It will be a BLAST!

Here are the pieces of information that you need to know.

DATE: 31 October 2009
VENUE: Cempaka Cheras North Hall
TICKET PRICES: early birds - RM 13 (just for tomorrow, Wednesday)
normal price - RM 15
at door - RM 20

Early birds only apply for those who purchase the tickets on the 28th October 2009. Purchase your tickets early to get that special price! If any help needed, e-mail us ( or For those non-cempakans who doesn't know the location of our school, here's the adress and the link for the map:

Persiaran Awana
Taman Cheras Permata Dua
43200 Cheras

thank you!

RAG day! (Really Anything Goes)

we were given the list of workshops we made through.
most of us were in the thosai making workshop by mr mohan.
we were looking at the list and realised a few spelling errors.

will upload about rag day tmrw if i get the pics from wei yeen!
(i dont think there are any pics ;|. ben's fault ;P)


Saturday, October 24, 2009



im gonna start with deepavali celebration in cempaka.
our performance went great. everybody loved it.
but its just simple la.

then.... when we were having fun n all.
somebody took kar men's mac.
i stayed back til 5 watched the cctv.
but couldn't find anything.
its okay kar men!

exams are over n im hoping my results wont be bad.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy! <3

Today is my mum's birthday =D. My bro, sis and I made a cake for her. Coffee cake! but it kinda wrecked la. It was supposed to have 3 layers with the cream in between but....the end product was 1 thick layer with cream on top. but the taste not bad la.hehe. We made the cake when my mum was at the office with dad and cousin yesterday. started at around 8.30pm and finished at about 10.30pm. Mum came back at 11.30pm. i was supposed to prevent mum from opening the fridge cuz the cake was in there. at 12 am. my bro "kidnapped" mum and bring her to the table and i carried the cake out. Sk was playing the piano. Then mummy started crying. She was too touched. it was soo funny cuz her make up smeared :P.

here is the pic of the memalukan cake. it seriously looks weird. my mum thought the choc on the cake looks like tulisan jawi. My sis decorated it. i was learning sej while making the cake. called my bro nabi muhammad cuz of his gentleness while making the cake.
thats all from me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

敗犬女王 promo tour

Short Post.

Yee Ling, Kar Men (my cousin) and I went sunway pyramid for 敗犬女王 promo tour.

I was just ONE table away from ETHAN RUAN!!! :) and i SHOOK his hand :P

sorry if the picture is blur. my hand is shaking (dunno why?) and my camera image quality not good. (i adjusted something and i don't know how to adjust it back to normal)

i know my post its kinda weird. the main point is just to tell that i shook hand with ethan ruan. thats all :)

- l e N g -

random pictures i like.

i saw this when i was at some house in klang for deepavali.

i was just doing nothing online and i passed by some nice pictures.

this is so cute

i used to play this at my grandma's neighborhood's playground.

mad hatter's tea party.
you remember this?

hehehe. hes so hot.

and of course
i will never forget him ;)

feon-nananananna :)
okayy. im getting hyper.
byeee. nite nite.

Friday, October 16, 2009


i just got a new puppy. as u can see, its a Rottweiler.
andddd its super duper strong despite being slightly lesser than 2 months.
its paw is HUGEEEEE. when other puppies his age are chewing on rubber toys. he actually chews on METAL BARS. he found a metal bar near the store room.

i was chatting on skype when a few interesting names came up when i asked them what to name my puppy.

[10/16/09 7:58:02 PM] ][Yee Ling][: name it chace or ed.
[10/16/09 7:58:11 PM] feon-na: omg
[10/16/09 7:58:13 PM] ][Yee Ling][: so u can hug it..
[10/16/09 7:58:16 PM] feon-na: hahahaahhaahaha

[10/16/09 8:00:08 PM] EDD.wuad: lol
[10/16/09 8:00:22 PM] EDD.wuad: name it CUP
(i knowww. damn random)

[10/16/09 8:02:54 PM] EDD.wuad: hmm
[10/16/09 8:03:03 PM] EDD.wuad: name it bolus
[10/16/09 8:03:04 PM] EDD.wuad: :D

[10/16/09 8:01:00 PM] ][Yee Ling][: name it mee..
[10/16/09 8:01:10 PM] ][Yee Ling][: so when join with xy 1 is maggie mee.
[10/16/09 8:01:15 PM] ][Yee Ling][: hahahha..
[10/16/09 8:01:20 PM] feon-na: HAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
[10/16/09 8:01:22 PM] feon-na: wth
[10/16/09 8:01:48 PM] ][Yee Ling][: hahaha...go tell xy u want to name it mee.
[10/16/09 8:01:55 PM] ][Yee Ling][: and let maggie marry mee
[10/16/09 8:02:00 PM] ][Yee Ling][: HAHAHAHHA....

[10/16/09 8:03:34 PM] leonard_tee: herculues!

[10/16/09 8:04:14 PM] BenChewZhiKan: give it a street name
[10/16/09 8:04:18 PM] BenChewZhiKan: like .. SAM !!

[10/16/09 8:05:23 PM] leonard_tee: Nicko!
[10/16/09 8:05:44 PM] EDD.wuad: cornelius
[10/16/09 8:05:53 PM] EDD.wuad: CORNELIUS IS DA NAME!!!
[10/16/09 8:05:54 PM] EDD.wuad: :D

[10/16/09 8:13:20 PM] BenChewZhiKan: call it bob
[10/16/09 8:15:42 PM] EDD.wuad: or energy
[10/16/09 8:15:44 PM] BenChewZhiKan: WHISPER !!!!!

[10/16/09 8:15:17 PM] EDD.wuad: name it pantene
[10/16/09 8:15:19 PM] EDD.wuad: :D
[10/16/09 8:15:29 PM] Shuk Yin: pantene is the shampoo la
[10/16/09 8:15:29 PM] BenChewZhiKan: lols
[10/16/09 8:15:36 PM] EDD.wuad: rejoice?
[10/16/09 8:15:49 PM] leonard_tee: Head and Shoulders!
[10/16/09 8:15:51 PM] Shuk Yin: lol
[10/16/09 8:15:55 PM] BenChewZhiKan: or SOFFY !!!!
[10/16/09 8:15:56 PM] BenChewZhiKan: AHHAHAHAHHAHA
[10/16/09 8:16:01 PM] Shuk Yin: ivan didnt know what kotex was
[10/16/09 8:16:05 PM] BenChewZhiKan: lols
[10/16/09 8:16:05 PM] BenChewZhiKan: ahahhahahaha
[10/16/09 8:16:11 PM] BenChewZhiKan: kotek la !
[10/16/09 8:16:13 PM] ☆『€h¡Ñ℃h@ì』★ *林进财*: shokubuze
[10/16/09 8:15:39 PM] BenChewZhiKan: AHAHAHHAHAHAA !!
[10/16/09 8:16:48 PM] BenChewZhiKan: johnson ?
[10/16/09 8:16:48 PM] EDD.wuad: name it milo
[10/16/09 8:16:49 PM] EDD.wuad: :D
[10/16/09 8:16:52 PM] EDD.wuad: or ribena
[10/16/09 8:16:53 PM] feon-na: its sofy btw
[10/16/09 8:16:55 PM] feon-na: :|
[10/16/09 8:17:01 PM] BenChewZhiKan: later like that !! johnson
[10/16/09 8:17:02 PM] EDD.wuad: name it cuddles
[10/16/09 8:17:06 PM] EDD.wuad: CUDDLES
[10/16/09 8:17:07 PM] BenChewZhiKan: lols ..feon-na .. i don use them ..

they were so funny.
i thought of a few names myself likeee
Hulk, Rambo, Dave! , Jayden, Sawdust, T-Rex, Zeus.
my dad said he was a grizzly bear. then i suggested Yogi bear. then my dad started calling him Yogi. but now hes left nameless.

i want smth unique but doesnt sound that tough and scary cause my mum is afraid he might grow up to be what he was named. like if u name him Killer. he might kill us all one day. that kind of thing. so, any suggestions?


Thursday, October 15, 2009

chewing gums.

Do you know the reason why Singapore government restricts the citizens not to buy chewing gum? Here is the story.

One day Lee Kwan Yew went to Thailand and had lobster at the dinner with the Thai King.
After Lee finished, he asked the King:
Lee : Your Highness, what can you do with this lobster skin?
King: We cannot do anything with it, we just throw away.
Lee : Oh, no. In our country, we send it to the factory and produce some prawn cracker..

Then Lee had an orange. After he finished, he asked the King.
Lee : What can you do with the orange skin?
King: We cannot do anything.. We just throw away.
Lee : Oh, no. In Singapore, we send it to the factory and produce some orange jam.

Then Lee asked for some chewing gum.
After he finished, he put on the plate and asked the King.
Lee : What can you do with the chewing gum?
King: Oh, no. We just throw it away.
Lee : In Singapore, we send it to the factory and produce condoms and send it to Thailand.

Lee said good bye to the King and the King asked Lee.
King: What can you do with the condom when you finish using it?
Lee : We cannot do anything. We throw it away.
King: In Thailand when we finish using the condom, we send it to the factory to produce chewing gum and send it back to Singapore.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Finals are comingggg soon!! its next week. hope everyone is prepared. good luck! after these 2 weeks we are all free =D. I'm studying add maths now. Just took a little break to blog.

ps. ardi got an aar ticket too =D.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


NEVER NEVER go on L license driver car.

My sister was driving my brother, my dad and I to my brother's tuition center. When we came to a junction, there was a car there.

Dad : STOP !!
*the car still move *
Dad : STOP!! STOP!!
Sis: Sorry i PRESS WRONG.
wth ?? press wrong. how can she press wrong?? omg la.

p/s : she is taking her driving test TOMORROW. which means she has no license yet. only 'L' license

- l e N g-

Monday, October 5, 2009

new hair

Farah:    You ar. Everything i do that melt u, u say so sweet.
Vikram: Ya lar its not sour what. Course its sweet. And you are.. Gorgeous.
Farah:    Awwh.. thank you baby. heheheheee... *malu malu kucing*
Vikram: Hmm.. righto.. I love you..
Farah:    I love u too baby.. 


Farah: You finish your work already? You did it on pages is it? How many pages u did?
Vikram: Oh yeah I needa change the format.
Farah: K. Am I your saviour?
Vikram: You're my angel.

Anyways, next week PHYSICS, ADD MATHS, BIO, CHEM!!!!!!!!!
study study study.... 
p/s; scroll down to see olivia's party post. 


Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi readers!

My uncle from UK came back so we went to Malacca. We did nothing much la. 1st we ate the chicken rice ball then walked a bit and ate some more. Basically, the whole trip was more like an eating trip. Then, before I got into the car to come home, I saw this.

This picture was taken specially for pat. When I saw it, it instantly reminded me of her. Pat. see how much i think of you =D

In the car I was reading sejarah. My sister gave me 2 chewing gums. While chewing and reading sejarah, I fell asleep. When I woke up, the gum was GONE!!! I asked my sister "did you see me spit the gum out just now?" she said "ermmm i dont think so." I think i swallowed it la.

Sad news: Tyson from AAR has knee infection which spreaded to his blood stream. The concert has been postponed. I hope he's gonna be fine =). Get well soon TYSON!! love ya.


Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Since everybody is updating about their mooncake festival, i'll update about mine too:)

I went to my grandma's house to celebrate with my cousins. We ate different kinds of mooncake, bull's horn and pamello.shuk yin, we had the same food !! xD and we walked around semenyih with the lanterns.

cousins with their lanterns

playing candles near the drain

the picture is blur. phone camera suck

I hope everybody enjoyed themselves yesterday!! xD


This is how my sister and I memorize the 36 moral nilai :D

- l e N g -

lantern fest!

since sy's one was mooncake festival, i shall name mine as lantern!
This year's mooncake festival was quite a fun one, coz the party was at my very own house! It was a really last minute thing, and there were no adults at all =) (except my parents). All guests are my lil cousins! Coz one of my aunt went overseas and the other had a wedding dinner to attend. So they left their kids at my house around evening(assuming my place's a nursery... pfft) till 11+.

Once they reached, we went shopping for junk food at Giant. They were so chaotic and noisy because two of the youngest ones were fighting over the baby seat of the trolley. So FINE I let them take turns, which means I have to carry and switch them around every now and then when one of them complained: " mei mei sit for a long time already!"

When we finally finished shopping, we went to the counter to pay. The lady cashier looked at us, then at my mum, then at us again. That was when this conversation took place:

Lady: Wua, semua perempuan ke?
Mum: Ya la. Semua anak saya. *giggles*
Lady: Semua serupa lah. Muka sama je...

After that, we got home and I kept them busy wif toys and barbie dolls. Just so that they won't bug me...hehe

oh one more thing, they LOVE to be on camera. When i took the 1st pic, they immediately+automatically+willingly posed for the 2nd. HAHAHAHAHA

While they were playing, my mum came in suddenly to vacuum my room. And look at one of their respond...

see that vacuum thingy?

awww... i felt bad for taking pics instead of comforting her. She wasn't crying btw, she was scared=) But ofc i went and hugged her soon enough.

Ok let's skip to the lantern & candles part. Not much to say, but i have pictures!

P.S. one thing that i like abt this pic is>>mei yeen's face is blurred!

highlight of the night! =)

hope y'all enjoy your mooncake festival too!

wei yeen

liv's sweet 16

Going home time
red carpet
rob scheneider got wet! danced too hard..
Patricia ♥
Pat, Xing Wei 
Them boys
The birthday cake so nice right. woah

Aint she pretty :0
Joo kei!
she's awesome!
shez and athir


Liv's party. It was fun. ching xong was SO funny!
hahaha. eh is she still bugging u! hahaha. rapist alert! so funny.
pat n i were laughing like mad! it was so fun with her!
thank god we went tgther. if not then the whole thing wudnt be fun.