Saturday, November 28, 2009


I haven't been blogging for a very longggg time. This is my first post since the hols started. Yesterday, Mr Mohan got married =D CONGRATZ!! we attended the wedding. There were many people there and the queue was veryyy long. Initially, me, na and leng planned to wear traditional so I borrowed 2 traditional costumes from priya. Then, Na changed her mind. So me and leng didnt feel like wearing it anymore so we both wore dresses. Mine was black with a white shirt and Leng's was white. She totally forgot that it was slightly transparent till I called her to remind her. Fortunately she smsed me to tell me what she wore or else...... In the end she borrowed shorts from wy and black jacket from brenda. =P lucky leng.

Okay before we went to the wedding, we went to MV to watch NEW MOON! It was okay la. I prefered it better than twilight. I sat farrrrr awaaayyy from wy. Afraid that she might ruin the movie =P People who went: da,pat,na,wy,leng,edward,angel,ranil,chun keat,ivan,jay,ching xong

OHH before i forget. I followed wy home after the movie with pat and da so we could go to the wedding together =) andddddd a few stray dogs entered wy's hse. They're so cute la. I have a few pics here =P

Here are the pics of the dogs and 2 of the wedding pics. Notice that feon-na and chun keat are wearing matching clothes =D

girls continue post if you want =P

DID U ALL REALISED I CUT MY HAIR? yeah. just mentioning. i kinda like it now.
despite having names for it like
SAMURAI, poodle and broom -_-.

now looking back. my hair does look like a samurai helmet -_-.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

1st week of hols so far. ahahaha

last friday after sch i went to penang for kak huda's engagement ceremony. oh n my dad took my report card during report card day. it was so funny okay. mr vicky met my dad for the first time and my dad was talking non-stop and mr vicky was tryna stop him to actually talk bout my report card. lolly.  came back on sunday night and went to sch the next morning for xmas rehearsals. then i went out w avelyn! on tuesday and both of us got our prom dresses for dsara and cheras and im SO excited for PROM! hahaha. farny. 
the next day, went back to school and performed for cempaka christmas celebration. mr rodrigo is so funny. seriously. hahahahaha. 

ohyeah before i forget, we had this 1 malaysia fashion show in sch. it was nice and all of us were looking pretty. and i lost my mum's eye brush D'':


Sunday, November 22, 2009

natalie dee!

i was bored at home so i decided to have a look at this cartoonist's website which Pat introduced to me a few months ago. the name of that cartoonist is Natalie Dee.
Her cartoons are really cute. Just see below lah.
----------------------------------------------------i thought of danial and his pink frosted sprinkled donut ;P
this last cartoon instantly reminded me of Ivan & Chun Keat.

feon-nananaaa ;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

last day of school, 1st day of =)

Alright, last day of school! Time to partyyy!

To me, last day of school this year is simply DULL, unlike previous years, where we have year-end parties with junk food and we had fun and enjoyed and did lots of crazy stuff...etc. And I'm always excited when school is about to end.

But for this year, last day of school is just PLAIN BORING. I'm srs. And I cannot believe that form 4 had officially ended. We're gonna be form 5s' next year! Gosh...I'm not ready at all.

However, on this very day, something really amazing/great/awesome/any other extraordinary words you can think of, happened. And that really made my dayyy =) This proves that the end of something can also, at the same time, be the beginning of another thing!

Btw, the best song to describe my mood now is "At The Beginning-Anastasia"
Great song...LOVE it

P.S. no matter how long I've waited, it's worth it. =)
a happy girl

2nd Floor, First Class

So fast, the end of our so called honeymoon year is here.
I'm totally done in being in Form 4.
Time passes so FAST this year.
I seriously feel that I learn nothing this year. (except learning how to dota/maple)
Form 4 is really FUN,
especially when I see shahasra and eugene fight in class.
Knowing the Science 2 boys.
I'll miss Form 4 !

I heard a good news today, not about me but i dunno why, i feel happy too :)

- l e N g -

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

china !


okay. anyway, im just gonna talk about my trip lah. it was a really long trip. hahaha. this happened on the very first day in the plane from KL to Guang Zhou for the transit to Wuhan.


I was at my seat and the air stewardess was serving us our breakfast. My mum earlier told me it was either fish noodles or chicken with rice for breakfast. It was soon my turn and this conversation took place:

in blue is the translation from chinese to english. hehe. i understand chinese if they speak slowly.

Air stewardess : Ni yao chi shen me? what would you like to eat?
me: uhhhh. (thinking: noodles or rice, noodles or rice?.....NOODLES!) uhhh. Wo yao mian fen. i want noodles. at least thats what i think i said lah.
air stewardess : *hands me over my tray of food*
me : thanks. * opens foil and realizes I got the chicken with rice instead of the noodles* -___-
* tries getting attention of air stewardess again*
me : wo yao mien, bu shi fan. i want noodles, not rice.
air stewardess : gan chai wo ting ni jiang ni yao mi fan. earlier, u said u wanted rice.

( apparently, mi fan = rice. Mien tiao = NOODLES) okayyy. Whatever lah.

Then, my uncle and mum came to help me.

Air stewardess : ni jiang ni yao mi fan gan chai. Ni na li you jiang ni yao mien tiao ( she sounded like a bitch, seriously. I wish I could swear at her in Chinese ;| ) you said you wanted rice just now. you didnt say that you wanted noodles.

Me : wo jiang wo yao miennnnnnnn. i said noodlesssssssss

Mum : eh. Tha bu huei jiang hwa yi okay. eh, she doesnt know how to speak chinese okay.

Uncle : zai ma lay si ya, wo men jiao mi fan, FAN. Mien tiao shi jiao MIEN. in Malaysia, we call your mi fan as FAN. mien tiao as MIEN.

Air stewardess : dan shi da jiang tha yao mi fen gan zhai. but, she said she wanted rice mi fan just now.

cant she realise already that it was just some communication problem? -__-

Me : wo mei yo. I said mien. i didn't. i said mien.(noodles)

* uncle continues argueing with her for another like 2 mins? *

Finally, she hands me over the noodles with the bitchiest face she had all flight-long. Does that word even exist? Hahahaha.

After eating, my aunt and cousin who was sitting beside me started laughing. I look at them.

Me : why are u 2 laughing?

Aunt: HAHAHAHA. Just now u said mien fen.

Me : yeah. I want noodles lah.

Cousin : mien fen is FLOUR LAH. HAHAHAHAHAA.

Me : what? Oh yeahh. I said mien fen? MIEN FEN IS FLOUR? Omg. I said flour!


Me : * was SO SO SO embarrassed and decided to just laugh along with them to hide the awkwardness ;X*

after the flight. I can hear my cousin, JOYCE. Telling all my other relatives about that story. Gahhh.
and they laugh at almost every meal when the China chinese waiters ask whether we want mi fen -__- .


and another thing happened.

i was at the airport in china. just passed the immigration scanning part. then,

i saw a woman running in distress. she looked really awful ( i meant her expression) she was crying out loud and running towards me. i just looked at her and wondered lah. i thought maybe her stuff got confiscated or smth. then as i walked for about 5 steps later.


in my head : omg. what the hell is happening? * looks back at woman who was crying*

at that time, i saw a few sales promoters from nearby duty free shops surrounding the man and some running with their walkie-talkies speaking really fast in chinese.

i went closer to the man. and i could see his face. he looks a little bit yellow.

in my head : OMG. IS HE DEAD???

i saw my other family members walking by me. then they realised why i stopped too. they saw the man.

i just stood there looking at the sad woman, she must be the wife. and the man who was lying on the floor, hes a middle aged man. then suddenly i saw one of the sales promoter ( a man) started pushing his chest CPR style. and omg it looked so wrong cos i remembered when dr rizal taught me in prefects camp, it didnt look like that. then i was panicking, i felt like i should tell him. but another side of my mind is telling me hes dead. and there was ANOTHER side of me that was telling me that i had forgotten how to do it, i might just kill him.

i hear people who was in a rush stared and the man and mumbled that he was dead.

then the wife shouted, ''WEI SHEN ME NA ME JIU. ME YOU REN LAI PANG THA'' why is it taking so long. no one is coming to help.
* continues crying*

then i saw my cousin, she was like ''OMG. CANT SOMEONE PERFORM CPR?''

a few seconds later i saw her, running towards the man. she started pumping his chest and stuff lah.

then, the woman kept crying louder and louder. i felt really bad cos she was next to me. i just placed my hand on her shoulder and patted her. ( i really didnt know what to do)

my cousin stood up and told me that. hes dead. cos, when she pumped his chest, air come out from his throat ( he had a surgery on his throat, so apparently he breathes through his throat with a tube)

then, i heard a tall english man. i realised he was there the whole time i was there. he then told my uncle that the man was there for about 20 mins already. apparently, he was standing in line behind the man when they were at the immigration counter.

then a group of pilots walked by and spoke in chinese. THEY DIDNT HELP THE POOR MAN. they just told the sale promoters what to do ( call the doctor etc).


such a bitch, they went off.

around 15 mins later, the nurse woman came with the electric jumpstart thing that saves people's life.

and i had to go away to catch our plane. i really wanted to stay there.

it was a shock to everyone there. it shocked me for the whole flight home ;|


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time to relax. OR PARTY? :D

The end of CBL is finally here! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT. I know right? It's finally here. The time to relax. Well, it's not exactly the end as i still have "peer review" and "reflection" to cover. And i thought that the physics exam was already over. ;p Approximately 47 minutes from now, i will be walking out of this classroom knowing that tomorrow i would be in the first class, together with them again. :D Well, almost. *yeeling is currently enjoying herself in the US*

Hmm, i haven't updated in a while and im sorry lah. It's just that i've been really lazy these past few weeks. *scratch that, MONTHS! D; So yeah, a lot of things have happened since i've last blogged. *the continuation of farah's post on CBL does not count. I went for my freaking first expedition in my life. GOLD! It was goooooooood. I met new people there. Haha. It was fun sailing too. OH, ANGEL AND I WON THE REGATTA! Heeee. :D

Another thing that happened was uh, Ben's birthday party and Dress day. Haha. Dress day was funnnn. We ate a lotta lotta food. Like, imgoingtopukeanytime a lotta food. Literally. When i was laughing with Brenda i sorta felt stuff being forced out of my throat. But then i stopped laughing la of course. We switched dresses with each other like gazillions of times but it was fun. It was weird too how like everybody could fit each others dresses.

I am currently addicted to The Vampire Diaries, 90210 and Gossip Girl. I am not kidding. Im watching Eastwick too, but it kinda freaks me out and its hard to get addicted to it when i feel that way. o.O I oni watch it if someone is skyping with me or when brenda comes over.

Oh, for the last part of the post, my wish for this holiday; have a shopping day, sleepovers, go for a holiday, catch up with ppl i have not catched up with in a long time and urmmmm, i have yet to think about more things!

Trish. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Just came back from midvalley. went and watch 2012 !! :) Its NICE. Its a combination of Titanic and Poseidon . I'm suppose to watch the movie on friday but it was fully book. I went all the way to PAVILION at 9 at NIGHT on friday but when i reach, my friends told me there's no ticket for 2012 and we are watching some THAI movie called Raging Phoenix. The thai movie is really stupid. wasting my 2 hours in the cinema. The character name in the movie is bullshit, dogshit and pigshit ! -.-


Can't wait for this movie !! :)


Will you run if the world is ending or will you just stay and pray ??

- l e N g -


p/s more pics on facebook
We had steamboat yesterday at Yee Ling's house. And we made up a dress code to make it more 'funner' and everyone was wearing a dress. hahaha. 
We ate steamboat, played dress ups, karaoke-ed and pictures pictures pictures. 
hahah. it was so fun and feon-na was missing! she's coming back frm china today and she is really going to help me with the whole cbl thing. 
Yee ling's off to the u.s today. have fun yee ling!
we love you!
before yee ling's thing, i went to sch for the primary year end concert.
i tell you. i have been in cempaka my whole life, i think this year's primary concert was the best!
it was so freakin' awesome.
the theme, the sound effects, performances. 
mucho perfecto.
then! i found out that the board were given duties on that day when i saw jiha and bryan.
i felt so bad cuz i could have helped and no one informed me.
i guess i wasnt around during morning meeting on friday. 
then, after yeeling's, went home and found out im going out again.
so my family and i went to the gardens bought 2012 tics for today and karaoke-ed.
hahahaha. it was so fun and i was so tired. 
plus, i didnt see vik's face the whole day and i missed him. 




LOVE YOU !! ♥ ♥ ♥

this post specially FOR YOU !!

its only one month. time pass really fast. in a blink you will be back with US. Just enjoy !! :)

- l e N g -

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday TFN and Amirul!

Happy Birthday to both of you! Its quite sad as Feon-Na is not with us to celebrate her birthday as sh is currently in China. Lets all spam the chatbox in this blog!

Happy birthday!!

Okay, now back to today's day in school. As usual we had CBL and we got our CAE results. I will not tell you if i passed or fail =P. CBL today was slumer-ish just like yesterday. but, something TERRIBLE happened! I was writing in my personal diary when i accidentally undo-ed too much and my whole post got deleted! It was almost done la! and it took about 30 minutes to write that! and guess what. it was damn long too. it was 3.30 pm ngam ngam when the incident happened. I felt like OMG!!! and becaused i was pissed, i kinda shouted at edmond and Yoong Wei .

Message to EDMOND YEONG and CHUA YOONG WEI!: Im so sorry! =(.

I managed to retype the whole text in 15 minutes but of course the length this time was shorter than the 1st. Okay I think I'm done blogging for now.


Happy Sweet Sixteen NA !! ♥


remember my souvenir and have fun in CHINA !! :)



which means, my parents wasted RM 1200 + for this stupid exam !!! OMG LA!!! i can actually use the RM 1200 + for shopping or maybe have a nice dinner/buffet instead of wasting it on a stupid exam !!! =( THIS SUCK LA !!! I HATE IT !!! why fail? WHY ?? am i that stupid ?? maybe. haiz. English failure.

- l e N g -

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



- l e N g -

today was first day of cbl and it was so frustrating and stressful.
and my group members are jannah, jian hao, vincent lai and feon-na. well at least i have feon-na and she's not here!!!!! DX
she's in china!
im sure my gang have smth to say bout CBL as well.
type above mine in the same post so people know the difference


CBL? Srsly? No comment. Y'all should now. - -

trish. :(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



benny fabulous 16

it was at night and i went to brenda's hse before going to ben's. everybody was there except pat. :( she was going to meet us at ben's. then, i curled yee ling's hair. haha. she looked really nice and her hair is SO freakin' nice. like seriously. haha. 
then, brenda's dad sent us to ben's. her house is SO freakin' huge and she has a freakin' JACUZZI on the third floor. her house is near edmund's.
then, we reached and found out it was ben's sweet 16. omfg!
we were all underdressed and we didnt get him anything!
so sad... 
srry ben! we'll get u smth! promise!
i had fun and he has a freakin' karaoke room okayyyy!
oh gosh!
then my mum went to edmund's house cuz she thot ben was him. 
hahhahaha. luckily their houses are near to each other. 
if not mati laaaa...


Monday, November 9, 2009

a tiring day

haven't been blogging/posting in a while. And i guess this is gonna be a lengthy one.

Alrighty...where should i start? hmmm school's okay today. Had sports in the morning, which made me a little tan and i started to nose bleed when i got home =____= and I had a bad tummy ache after break for no reasons. So i just sleep in class. OH YEA, shuk yin was putting me on skype call with I don't know who, because till now she did not wanna tell me!

OH talking about nose bleeding, its something I have all the time since I was young. But as I grew up, it became less often, so I assumed that it will end eventually when i grow older. But STILL, my parents insisted that I should get my nose checked. So fine! I agreed on having an appointment with a nose specialist after finals, because they had this idea WHILE I'm having finals...

So today after school, before I even got in the car, this takes place:

Dad: Hey, I'm bringing you to the hospital later. Assunta Hospital.
Me: WHY? anyone admitted hospital? omgosh...
Dad: No lah. choi! (touch wood) I made an appointment with the doctor already.
Me: WHAT? today? this is so last minute.
Dad: Hey you promised me when you're having finals, remember?
Me: Ok. But I have tuition later!
Dad: Your tuition's at 5.30...We're going NOW
Me: WTH?!?!?!?!

Well, I'm obviously not ready for it at all! But PFFT like I have a choice...

As we reached the hospital, I sat outside and waited. Outside the clinic. Alone. Why? Coz my mum went to the washroom for I don't know how long, and my dad's parking the car. Suddenly, the doctor came out and stared at me. STARED. I looked at him too, and he looked grumpy and fierce...CRAP I'm so dead!

Luckily both my parents are with me when its my turn to enter. He started asking me questions and stuff, like what makes my nose bleed and when does it usually happen and bla bla bla.....SKIP

Okay, time to check my nose! I had to sit in this weird looking chair, something like the ones in dentist clinics, and right in front of me is scary-looking machines and cables hanging everywhere. OMG. He gave me a tissue coz i might need it later, (that makes it even scarier), and he's holding this little but LONG cable, with a diameter of a cotton bud. At the end of this cable there's a little light, and before I notice anything else about this cable he STUFFED it into my nostril... it hurts! Imagine something like that goes DEEP into your nose. gosh. And once he took it out, my nose was bleeding. wth. Now I know why he gave me a tissue... Just when I thought it's over, he did the same to my other nostril! Haha I teared during the second time. =(

In the end, he gave some medications and told me to come back after 2 weeks, to make sure what's the problem. But 1 thing that he's sure, its not cancerous. So I'm not dying anytime soon! After that, I thought I could skip my tuition, but I was wrong. Somehow in some way, time passed so slowly and I was in time for my 5.30 piano class. GOSH.

So when i got home, my nose is freaking bleeding, I'm still in my uniform, and I'm SO tired due to all that rushing and last minute stuff and sports this morning just give me body aches.

URGH such a bad dayyy

wei yeen

Friday, November 6, 2009

leadership night

There was a funny moment of me and ee leng.
There was this particular one grape left on the plate, then ee leng took it with her fork. 
I remember there was one left and ee leng was taking it. So I thought she took it already.
Then i saw there was a grape left on the same plate. I took it n ate it. 
Then ee leng was holding the fork near her mouth then she looked at me with a funny look and she said 'eh!' hahahahaha.
She thought she took it already. It was so funny okayyyy. Should have seen the look on her face.
We were laughing like mad only.
Anyways, leadership night was so tiring n it was so exciting. 
I had a lotta fun with my gang. It was super duper nice. hehe! 
Pat's mum was funny also.
We were lining up already for the oath, then she stood up and signaling pat said that she wanted to go to the toilet. Then pat said dont then she sit back down and gave a thumb up. hahahaha. it was funny.
OH my parents and feon-na's parents were sitting together and they were talking n talking n talking!