Saturday, August 22, 2009

last night ;|

i watched the ORPHAN trailer. it was eerie! ;O. i got a little freaked out and ivan didnt dare to watch it telling me that he was in a dark room and didnt want to be freaked out right before sleeping. he and leng where the only ones in that big skype chat.
guess what happened next?
i heard my dog whining and howling and didnt know which dog was it.
that time i was on skype with pat and she fell asleep already. leaving me ALL ALONE. i called her name for like i-dont-know-how-many times and she didnt answer me. all i see through her webcam is a dark patch-___-.
ohyea. back to it. i looked at the clock and it was showed 1.55 AM. (i still remember the time-_-).
and i tried ignoring the whining of the dog cause it'll prolly just go away. BUT IT DID NOT. the dog kept whining louder and LOUDER. i felt damn scared lahhh. i had a feeling that my dog was outside thats why hes whining. BUT ITS SO LATE ALREADY. impossible for him only whining after so many hours being stuck outside.
so then, i went to brush my teeth. thats when i realised the whining was really loud. HOW COME NO ONE IN MY HOUSE EVEN HEARS IT.
i went to leon's room and tried waking him up.
me : LEON! wake up! the dog is making noise. i dont know why.
leon : *faces me but eyes still SHUT* okay. i'll go see. *lays back down*
me : bloody shit -____-. WAKE UP!
leon : okay okay i will. *continues sleeping*

i went back to my room to think of what to do. i know, very dumb.
thats when my imagination started scaring the crap outta me.
i thought that the reason the dog whined is because theres smth like a spirit trying to umpan me out by putting my dog outside (that spirit knows that i would come out to save the dog, IT JUST WANTS TO GET ME! ;O) it was the hungry ghost festival. of course im scared lah.

*for this whole time, the dog is actually still whining*

i decided to just look through the front window to peep on whats happening outside.
i switched on all the lights in the living room and the front gate ones too. it was kinda dark. only the car porch light was on.
and, i saw it was actually one of the dogs who lives down at the gym house at the front of the gate! its weird cause they never come up to the front gate before.
i tried pushing the open button for the gate.
CRAP! my other bro locked it with a chain already (we normally use a chain to lock it cos people can break open the lock easily)
its even scarier now cos i have to walk all the way to the front gate and release the chain for the dog to enter.
i went to bug leon to help me again. he didnt wake up at all.
decided to see whether johnson was awake! HE WAS!! yay!
i waited for like a few mins for him to come out of his room and he didnt.
i couldnt stand it anymore. i unlocked the front door and walked out and tried unlocking the chain.
the friggin gym dog did smth that scared me like crap! IT STARTED HOWLING AND BARKING REALLY LOUD. i looked at the dog and realised it was actually barking at smth at the back at me.
i got scared lah wondering what the hell is at the back of me.
i looked back, it was timothy *PHEW* the gym dog doesnt like timothy. timothy just walked away.
thats when i heard johnson coming out asking me what was happening.
thank god he was there. i quickly let the dog in and locked the chain and ran back to my room!
it was scary.

thank god. i slept well tho ;)
wow. thats a long post. sry, heh.


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