Tuesday, September 29, 2009

yoong wei


when i was in the huge skype. smth shocking happened. YOONG WEI WAS CHATTING IN IT!
likeee finally, ive NEVER saw him in that skype chatting before.
so i wondered why he was online.
yesss, he wants something.......from edward! who has done his physics project.
and this conversation takes place when yoong wei wanted edward's project.

[9/29/09 10:02:52 PM] EDD.wuad: i gave u edi la yw
[9/29/09 10:02:57 PM] Yoong Wei: i want all!
[9/29/09 10:02:56 PM] EDD.wuad: take it or leave it
[9/29/09 10:02:58 PM] Yoong Wei: :D
[9/29/09 10:02:59 PM] Yoong Wei: no la jk
[9/29/09 10:03:04 PM] Yoong Wei: thx edward =D
[9/29/09 10:03:09 PM] Yoong Wei: <3>

[9/29/09 10:03:09 PM] Yoong Wei: <3 you

what is wrong with him? poor yoong wei :(.


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