Sunday, September 20, 2009

day out with leon -_-.

helo. im gonna update what happened uhh 2 days ago?

hahaha. me and leon were on a mission to get my mum a present.
but i lied to her that i went to brenda's house to do my sejarah assignment.
i hope mummy is not reading this ;X.

so, leon and i went to sunway pyramid.
we bought her a gift and i thought it was very her. but leon kept saying it wasnt really her taste. but i really think so.
but anyway, my mum's bday is tmrw. hope she likes the earrings.
its a huge heart-shaped hoop earrings with guess written on it.
sounds kinda childish. leon said my mum would look fat in it.i didnt care. bought it anyway.
so after that i rushed to subway for lunch to catch the 2 pm movie.

at subway, leon thinks he knows all the flavours to everything.
so when it was my turn to choose 3 sauces for my bread. i couldnt decide.
the waiter person got pissed off and served the next customer. i was like ''wth?''
then leon asked me to pick mustard, chili, and bbq for the 3 sauces.
and got my bread. when i ate it it felt really good. u know with all the ham slices and everything.
then suddenly, i felt a weird sensation in my tongue.
it was a BURNING sensation. i dont know what was happening.
the burning only started after i finished my bread and the iced lemon tea.
weird eh? so i was complaining to leon all the way from the old wing of sunway till we reached the new wing of sunway which is the cinema.

before we entered the theatre, we were give really cool specs. we looked like this guy from x-men.
seriously, wanna see us? we took pictures in the cinema after EVERYONE LEFT.
oh yeaaaaa. i forgot to state what movie i watched. it was G-Force. sounds like a really cool movie right? its about 3 guinea pigs and a mole. not the mole that i have. the mole as in the rodent -___-.

okay lahh. here the pic of us.

are we kool or whaat? ;P

oh yea. after taking the pic. we were so freaked out okayy. cos NO ONE WAS THERE AT ALL.
so i quickly ran down and leon was like '' WOI. wait for me. u scared is it?. loserrrr''
what the heck. hes scared too lah or else he wouldnt ask me that.

theres another loser moment of leon.
yesterday night, leon slept over at the gym house and at 1.30 AM. he called my hp.
leon : *whispers* helo naaaaa. did u lock the door?
me : whaat? no. u lock lah. i want to sleep now. (im actually chatting on skype. hehe)
leon: u know whaT? this place is so shitty and freaky. i keep hearing weird noises down here. damn scary lahhh. why got weird noise? i hear alot of stuff. u came down here earlier. did u hear anything weird?
me : no. hehe. have fun, leon. im gonna sleep. BYE!

so thats all lah. im so tired now.

u'll be hearing from me maybe on wed or thurs.

good night ;)

feon-na the wonderwoman x)
i feel hyper now. blarhh.

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