Saturday, September 12, 2009

random day.

its been a long time since i last post so im gonna post lots of pics okay?
i went to a show farm today. it used to be my dad's but now its my uncle's.
we stopped by there on the way home from nirvana because my brother, johnson wanted to collect some ostrich meat. this is supposed to be an ostrich farm but now it has lots of other animals too.

first, i saw this. a monkey.
i suddenly thought of how ivan would look like if he actually did chew on his toenails too ;P
im joking okayyy ivan
ANDD, apparently this monkey hates girls.
serious, im not joking.
so i just snapped the picture from a distance by ZOOMING.
ostriches. they were funny.
grandpa was trying to irritate them. hahha!
sry its dark. it was SUNNY.
if you can see at the back,
the ostrich has no feathers at its butt.
my cousin who was there told me that,
the ostriches loses some of its feathers when they are mating.
how rough :O.
and also they like pulling each other feathers out by pecking the others.

a horse! well, the only horse there!
goose or geese! i dont know.
leon told me to not go near it.
cause he told me that my other brother got chased by it before the last time.
the goose/geese looks pretty snobbish, you know.
just look at its beak/bill.
reminds me of uncle waldo from aristocats.
a deer!
only one tho. it was tied to a tree ;|.

i saw this
do you all know whats this?


original one is like the one below.
thats my favourite flavor, btw ;)
i think the only difference is that the opening flap of the original one is at the side and the stupid fake one is at the front.

anyway. thats all from me now okay.
im gonna have a bbq with my cousins tonight!

feon-na! ;D
btw enrique iglesias is so HOT.

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