Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Ching Xong ! :)

I went midvalley today with patricia,wei yeen,ching xong (birthday boy),ivan,kedd,ben,suresh,chun keat and edward to celebrate ching xong's birthday.

US :)

It was really a last minute thing. He called me yesterday night and ask me out. Angel, she's sick, so she can't go and she's like my only transport. i always 'tumpang' her car. Hope she get well soon. :) BUT lucky i got edward. hehe. He fetched me there. We were late, we didn't think that all of them will be so PUNCTUAL, except chun keat and suresh la. They were late too. While waiting for them, we went pets wonderland. I saw soo many cute puppies. I like the golden retriever. Its REALLY CUTE!! I wish i had one. But it cost like RM 2000+.

We had our lunch at Pasta Zanmai (remember wad happend der, brenda??haha) , and we were late for our movie, UP. Its nice. Its funny and sad. MIX.

After movie, we went bowling.hehe. Its so FUN! and THANKS CHING XONG, for the lunch and movie ticket :)

edward walks really fast.
we were late. he has tuition at 4.45 p.m and we're still in mv. we were walking really fast.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ching Xong!! :)

- l e N g -

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