Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sick at home =(


Its the holidays now and I'm sick. wth? I'm having fever+cough+flu+vomiting but not having h1n1 la. =)

I had to take the H1N1 test this morning. It was exactly how Ben 10 described it. The cotton bud was extra long. It was shoved up my nose and the doctor was digging into it to take the mucus out!
Lucky for me the test was negative =D

blood test was.... as some people know, I am afraid of needles. The guy taking blood was scary. He didnt even smile and he was speaking soooo softly =.= I didn't even look at the needle going through my skin. I looked the other way. It was torture for that few minutes. Glad that is over now.

I slept for almost the whole day. Just a few hours awake. I feel like a pig. The doctor told me to rest for at least a day that means I can't study for a day. I don't know how to finish my revision with a few days gone as I wasn't feeling very well for the past few days. and OMG I can smell! like few seconds ago. I suddenly smelt soap. hahha.

byeeee =)

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