Tuesday, September 22, 2009

happy birthday stfu-pigsdofly!

WOOOH! If u all haven't noticed, our dear blog stfu-pigsdofly is exactly one month old!!! AND we have 1000+ stalkers! yay=)

My day started off really funny today, coz my mum and i decided to wear kebayas' to work! since its raya now...HAHAHAHAHAHA we srsly look typical malay, especially my skin wasn't that fair, so everyone thought i was malay, and started speaking BM to me...even chinese customers do that =__=

As soon as we reached my uncle's shop, we realized that the air-conditioner broke down... So we had to bear with it (with long-sleeved kebayas) for 3 hours before it was fixed. gosh.

At first it was all normal and dull, till someone knocked extremely hard on my cashier counter. When i looked up, guess who's in front of me? ENCIK KU!!

BOOM! *smacks table*
wy: EHHH! ENCIK KU! ( i shouted so loud that everyone else is looking at me)
ku: hahaha kenapa u sini? kedai kamu ke?
wy: kedai uncle saya lah.

HAHAHA and he brought his whole family to my uncle's shop. OMG they're all equally funny. Just imagine a whole family of people that acts like En. Ku... Unfortunately, his gf wasn't with him. Haih...

oh btw, here are the pics i took to show where i work, for those who's curious=)

here's where i stand all the time

as a Cashier! hehe i get to count money=)

its quite a messed up shop... but hey! what do u expect? its a wholesale centre...
hu cares if its neat, as long as its CHEAP.

that's all from me today.

btw, im feeling extra happy recently. VERY recently.

wei yeen =)

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