Tuesday, September 8, 2009


hi hi srry srry. 
im gonna sleep soon and i just feel like blogging. hehe. guys srry hope you guys dnt mind! i love you! hee! c(;
im skyping w vik now he just finished skyping w his dad. 
i watched this really really funny vid from Britain's Got Talent audition. 
its so funny ok! i keep playing it in my head. especially the part when the host imitated him. haha!
watch watch!! 

oh and vik just told me that my mum called up his mum this afternoon. haha.
they were just talking n bla bla.
they always talk bout us u knw.. hmm
anyways, xing wei is SO funny.
she sits w me and she ALWAYS make me laugh!!!
like, seriously.

feon-na is.... loud. yeah..
hee! hi feon-na.


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