Monday, September 7, 2009

LIghts will guide you home.

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Omgg its 1.23pm in the afternoon and I JUST WOKE UP! 
hahaha. vik and i were skyping til 5am in the morning! 
he is so funny and sweet and retarded!
but i still love him from top to bottom inside out. 
we talked and talked and talked and goofed around and laughing bla bla bla.
baby, yr so funny. garsh. and retarded. hahaha. stupid. 
anyways, i love you. he's playing the song 'fix you' now by coldplay.
he was supposed to go to sch today but he didnt cuz I'M having a holiday.
so he's staying at home skyping with me.
pfft. kk. its exactly a month from finals and im gonna start studying kao kao. 
seriously i dnt want sucky results! arggghhh. 
anyways i gotta bounce. 
p;s/ he said 'put the title lights will guide you home cuz its from the song. and lights will guide me home and my home is u and i love u'


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