Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Frog Disection!

I was ok during the first bit of disection but when the blood started flowing out I went away. Oh gosh. I cant stand blood.
Anyways, today morning had orientation day 2 and i was chit chatting with pn zainab at the back bout cheerleading. She said that I should write a proposal to dr rizal rather than bugging him all the time. srry dr. :) hee.
and im feeling so rajin today so i hope that i'll make use of my time properly to study.
oh n i found out today im doing an Imovie with afiq again. and he's gonna be my husband again. haha. this time the movie is gonna be for raya. the previous iMovie i did with him was It's All About Love. go watch! hee.
and another imovie i did was with my baby V which is Beruang Spine Tingler. go watch!

anyways, stay tuned for more from others under this post. That's why i put my name. c(;

- l e N g-
Here's the video. Xin You can be a good surgeon. haha. He's HEARTLESS!! :)

It took me
HOURS to upload the video. I gave up. Here's the link.


its me, feon-na!
hahaha. wanna know smth?
frog disection was FUNNN! ask xin you. haha!

have u all tried this cracker?
Jacob's Weetameal. gosh theyre addictive -_-

and yesssss, i did buy that whole metal box -____- and yes, ive been eating it. grr.

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