Monday, September 21, 2009


I was on skype today, as usual, and out of randomness we started making up our own quotes=) and by WE i meant ivan, edward and i. Its school-related btw=) So here it is!

[9/21/09 1:33:20 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are sejarah i will read u everyday
[9/21/09 1:33:46 PM] wei yeen: u are like sejarah, boring n meaningless
[9/21/09 1:34:12 PM] wei yeen: u are an add math to me -> u're hard to figure
[9/21/09 1:34:37 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are physics i will apply u everyday in my life
[9/21/09 1:35:48 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are chemistry, my charge will be directly opposite with u so we can stay balanced
[9/21/09 1:36:13 PM] wei yeen: u are the proton to my electron
[9/21/09 1:36:43 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are bio, i will examined ur body parts until u like it
[9/21/09 1:37:39 PM] EDD.wuad: if u are accounts, i will only kredit ur love and not debit it away
[9/21/09 1:38:15 PM] wei yeen: when ur love is debited to me, i'll kredit mine to you too
1:44 PM
if ur english, i would had caried a book and read it all day long untill u get fed up with me
吴智政 I*v*a*N^2*g=ƃu uɐʌı
1:45 PM
You're like maths, complicated yet satisfying.
wei yeen
1:46 PM
love is like maths. the answer doesn't give u full marks. its the working that counts.
wei yeen
1:50 PM
moral=> why would i need morality when i already have you?
1:55 PM
love shuts me everytime,
your dazzling smile,
persuasive eyes,
melts my fragile heart
whenever i see you
wei yeen
1:56 PM
force of equilibrium=> we always expect people to respond to our love...just in order to be balance

wei yeen =)

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