Wednesday, September 23, 2009

practice in school.

i needed to go to school today for the sketch practice.
we needed to be in school at 9. around 9.15 when i was at the guardhouse but still in the car, i saw pat's sms saying that she'll only be in school around 9.30-10.00am.
grr. its okayy. im just gonna call ee leng and ask her where she is. so when i called her. she was just on the way i asked her how long she would take and she said 20 mins -__-.

so, i didnt care and just walked down towards the walkway which leads to the north hall. thats when i saw ms usha. she told me the others were down there and mr vicnesh isnt here yet ;|.
i felt kinda mad lah. thats when i heard someone shouted ''FEON-NA!''
i looked back and saw joo kei. she walked towards me as i waited.

we then went to the fashion changing room stairs area. chun keat, edward, ranil and ben were there already. then along came ivan. (im not sure if i missed out anybody). we just sat there to chat till we were asked to go to the avenue.

then suresh came. we walked down to the avenue, thats when ee leng came. we were just fooling around the avenue. and thats when ben grabbed the hairband from my head. to put it on his head. HAHAHA. he looks like the statue of liberty.
then we practiced the sketch finally but for like 10 mins only. OH YEA. avelyn came too ;).
she came before the practice when we were playing around.
after that, we didnt practice the sketch anymore. the pat came! the boys like chun keat, ben, ivan and edward were trying to do the parkour thing, apparently it is pronounced as PAR-KOR. i thought it was PAR-KER -___-.

anyway, edward does this wormy thing where he wants to boost his leg up to step on the walls. hahahhaa. it was funny. then ivan could do it also. it was like a spiderman thing. i shouldve taken pics. ben tried hanging on the bars. hahahahah. chun keat tried climbing on the wall but was struggling to get up and he ended up scratching up his knee. well, pat told me. i missed it. i was facing pat. argh. i saw his knee after that. kinda...ouch! big scratches.

okay. anyway, i was talking to ranil. thats when ivan came. and ivan said ''lets stare at her''
so they started staring at me lah. then i told them to stop. so, hehe. i took this chance to take a pic of them as this is the only time the would actually look at the camera. hahahha.
so this is the picture.hahahaha. ivan wasnt giving his squinting eyes anymore like how ranil is doing it.

so, thats all lah. i'm sure i am gonna upload something interesting before school reopens.

blarhhh. holidays are ending ;|.



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