Wednesday, September 16, 2009


i stayed back till 5 to finish the sejarah assignment.
when i was brushing pva glue all over the model, pat was playing the obsessed song.
you knowwww, the song that goes like this:
''why you so obsessed with me?''

pat was playing it on replay. so it kept repeating lah.
a few moments later, i hear brenda humming that song.

brenda: *humming part of the song where mariah goes ''So Oh Oh So Ohhh''*
me : *continues spreading pva glue on paper mache*
brenda : * sings* why you so sesame? (she meant to sing, why you so obsessed with me?)
brenda : what?
me : HAAHAHAHAAHAHA. you never thought of why would this song sing about sesames? its OBSESSED LAHHH.
brenda: hmm. sounds like sesame.
me : *continues laughing*
brenda : how i know? sounds like sesame.

i was laughing like mad. and i told pat who was sitting opposite of me what brenda sang and she laughed too.
yee ling started making lame lyrics to the song
the part where its supposed to be;
in black is original lyrics and in purple is yee ling's own lyrics.

why you so obsessed with me?
my face is full of sesame.

then yee ling said;
yee ling : i say my face is full of sesame. u know why? u know what is sesame?
me : what?
yee ling: it is PIMPLES!
me: -_- hahahhahah.

btw, the ocean blue tart that is sold at the lower bus-stop place taste like CRAP. crap i tell you. you know the tart which hs blueberring jam and cheese in it but they put it in a bun.
dont buy it.

i actually love it. i just dont want you all to buy it. hehehehehe


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