Sunday, September 6, 2009


Had sailing yesterday again! I think i'll be having sailing every saturday for the next month and a half. Haha. Not that i'm complaining. Haven't been updating much at all due to the laziness. Sailing yesterday was FUN. Like seriously. The wind was awesome and we were going reallyreally fastttt. Like reallyreallyreallyfast. :D Again, ppl were divided into groups. Poor xinyou, optimist AGAIN. But the guy said laser for xinyou next week. Haha.

The most awesomest group was made up of four ppl, Angel, Yeeling, Ivan and I. Muahaha. 420 again. Took us quite long to rig up the boat due to the forgetfulness of all of us. Literally did not remember anything. Haha. But our boat turned out just fine. :D

On the water, we went. It started off pretty slow. All of us were like, gahhhh, its going really slow. We're not moving. But then the wind came and all of us were shouting. "AHHHHH, THIS IS SO FUN! WE'RE GOING EXTREMELY FAST!" Literally our faces were like this, 8D . HAHAH. We nearly capsized like 23901822 times. But akhem, we knew wht we were doing so we did NOT capsize at all. Heeee. And Angel said if we capsized, she would kill Ivan. So, yeah.

Ohhh, and while we were going really fast, Ivan did a swift turn and i fell on my butt in the boat and now i have bruises. BOOOO. Haha. But then Ivan had a cramp too and he was shouting. "CHAOGANCHAOGANCHAOGAN" like i don't know how many times. But we were fine after. No, wait. Ivan fell again after that. As he was hiking at the front. He fell towards Angel. And that was really scary. But its even now. Hahaha. Cause when i fell, Ivan was handling the rudder and when he fell, i was handling it. Hahahaha. I did not do it on purpose! I swear! xD

We also hit the ramp when we were reaching! All of us were like, oh shittttttt, we're going to get killed for this. But surprisingly, the guy din say anything. He was like, good job. Maybe it was sarcasm. Who knows. o.O So, yesterday wasn't that bad after all. When i woke up i din want to go for sailing. But hmm, turned out okay. More than okay actually. :D

Ohhh, i have pictures! From Angel's camera. :DD



Mua. Haha.


tsktsk. fighting for the rudder.


having too much fun? :P

xinyou and his optimist. ;p

kesh and idontknowhisname. sorry. well, not yet. :)

ilikethis. :D


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