Thursday, October 1, 2009


Nazmi kepo laa

Yeah thanks for the bunny thingy mc jiggy naz

Today we had raya assembly. Lotssa ppl. We had young special guests frm the Yayasan Orphanage. They were really sweet. There was this boy he was so funny. haha. Very mischievous boy but sweet. My mum came n she cried when she watched mine and afiq's iMovie. A lotta old women cried. haha. The assembly was packed as hell. but in the end everybody did a great job.
Thanks guys. ;)
I had fun arranging the assembly n all.
n i sang today! gosh! it was so not spposed to happen. last minute thingy. but everyone was being supportive. thank u. :)
n pat told me i needa paint project tmr.
n im doing physics project now. 
then after sch hung out w mr vicky and avelyn.
he is *cough *cough.
very nice teacher.
right jana? hahaha. 
oh n exams are postponed to the 12th. yaay!
ive got one more week to prepare for my finals. 
next week my brother having pmr! omggg


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