Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ben chu!

today, i spent my day at my grandpa's house. its weird not saying grandma's house anymore ;\
anyway, most of the time i spend time at my grandpa's nowadays is because my mum would pack stuff around the house since my grandma is not around anymore. cause my grandma loved collecting lots of stuff. my mum was clearing my grandpa's table when i found this
it was my grandpa's arthritis cream. hahaha. the brand caught my eye.

haha. im just bored lah. heee.
btw, i have some public speaking seminar or class to attend tomorrow and the day after from 10am-5pm on both days. wish me luck that i dont get bad tummy aches tomorrow incase they make me talk in front of loads of people which im sure they are going to make me ;O.

the girl with a hyphen ;D
okay lah. its feon-na!
im being lame. dont mind me.

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