Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 day course is done!

my 2 - day course of public speaking is done. ive made a lot of friends there.
and the most amazing part is that, i never fell asleep or felt sleepy at all in the whole 2 days.
its kinda amazing to me lah cos i feel sleepy when something is going on like speeches, classes, meetings or anything that requires people talking. i think cos the speaker was good. it was a really funny man. Mr Jacob Matthews.
ohh. this course is in bangsar. it took me frigging TWO HOURS to reach bangsar from kajang today. TWO HOURSSSSSSSS. it was jammed all the way cos of the drizzle. and yes, i was late. when i reached. i was greeted with a roar of 'GOOD MORNING' from everyone. i apologized and quickly took my seat ;|. heeee.

Later, when i was about to leave the toilet, something caught my eye. there was an abandoned room which looks like it used to be some office. the thing that caught my eye was AN INDIAN BALD MAN. i was like 'shit. this is so familliar.' i then decided to tap his shoulder and OMG.

he looked shocked too lah. and then i saw his daughter which i recognised cos she was in the toilet too when i was there earlier. so we just chat for awhile and apparently, his daughter works there. and his reason of being there was because it was 'Bring-Your-Dad-To-Work Day'. yea right *rolls eyes* :P.
after that, i had to leave for class. i still dont know why was he there -_-.

this is part of my group members. they are the ones which I mix with. they were all so funny in their own way. (from left to right; jonathan, hisyam, chang lin and aqil)Jonathan is geekily-FUNNY and smart.
Hisyam. when i first saw him, i was like, 'wow shit.' he looks exactly like a cross between qayyum and the 'i wanna make magic' guy in fame. i think his name is jes or jez. i dont know lah.
Chang Lin. hes a cute slightly cina boy. i still remember when he stammered to pronounce 'meticulous'. he went like 'M m m m m m Meticulous!'. so cute.
and Aqil. it was funny how i suddenly heard him speaking chinese. he was like 'wua. tha men hen geng.''(wua. they are very hebat) i found out he was chinese mixed with malay. his full name is Abdul Aqil Tan Shung Shung i think ;D.

and there were this 2 guys (the 2 guys in the middle). the other 2 are their brothers.
the guy with the striped shirt is so CUTE. if he ever reads this. its gonna be so embarrassing. but i dont think he will ever read this lah ;D.

anyway, thats all i felt like blogging about today. im so tired.

this is my dog, Bimbo. shes really funny. but i kinda got mad at her today. it was drizzling today. she made me fell and i scratched my leg despite the fact that i was wearing jeans. so amazing! -_-. oh i think the fall was painful also because it made me lose a thin layer of nail on my big toe. and i also had a blue-black on my sheen because i kicked a table the day before-_______-


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