Saturday, December 5, 2009

my holiday

hi. i know ive been updating the blog very often. but its mostly pictures okay. so dont worry.

i was cleaning up my old drawers when i found this.
it was one of the sejarah props we used when we were form 1 in our sejarah drama. we made the keris out of cardboard and the babak thing is to change scenes. hahaha. good times. who was in my group with xin you and lee xuen? anyone remembers?

in the evening, my mum asked me to help her cream and fruit a cake that she had already made. it was so funnnn ;D.

this is the first layer.
this is the second.
this is the top most layer ;D
click this last picture:)

so, this cake is actually a layer of cake at the bottom, then cream + strawberries then a layer of cake again then cream + strawberries again then cake then topped with cream and strawberries + blueberries ;D yummm.

oh yeah, i just watched a ghost movie called 'They Wait'. go google it. and read the spoiler. hehe. or trailer.

byeee. im gonna eat dinner now. i hadnt eaten the cake though :|.

im back. and i just watched UP. it is so good. its probably the best cartoon ive ever watched.
its so SAD. seriously. funny also lah. but mostly SAD SAD SAD.
its so sad that leon cried at the first part where the wife was sick and he said he knew she was gonna die. anyway, whoever who hasnt watch it. PLEASE WATCH IT.


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