Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Brenda's house =D


This was how a few of us spent Christmas together in Brenda's house. A few of us meaning Ee Leng, Wei Yeen, Brenda and I. Leng reached Brenda's house earlier in the afternoon. I reached later. I forgot what time it was. Well, it doesn't matter. When I reached Brenda's house, they were in the car almost going out to have lunch. After lunch, we got back to the house and talked about random things. Mainly about The Host. Its an awesome book to read. SERIOUSLY! After reading it, I can't find any other book which is interesting to read anymore. Read it!!

We went to tesco to get the stuff needed for the party. Drinks, ice-cream and vegetables. Grandma's biscuits and shampoo. When we got back, pizzas were waiting for us on the table. We ate, brenda talked on the phone with Pat while me and leng were finding ways to put the ice in the freezer. I broke the ice and leng put them un the pink tub. After food, brenda's mum's friends started arriving with their children: britney's friends. OMG they were so funny. Britney was wearing a very link dress. You know, like those princess-ish kind. And, her friends were all so casual. T-shirts and pants. Oh! Did I mention she wore that dress to TESCO!

Brenda, Leng and I went outside to the garden and gave Edmond a call to come over. Brenda and family thought that Edmond was already in Turkey. So when he entered the house,

Brenda's mum said: EH! Edmond! You came back from Turkey??
Edmond: No Auntie, I'm going tonight.

Then, brenda's mum wanted to make him eat the pizza (vegetarian pizza)

She said: Edmond! EAT EAT! Auntie purposely buy for you cuz I know you are coming!

We turned on the TV and Another Cinderella Story was showing. Both me and Leng have watched this movie mutliple times =D Chin Chai was supposed to come but because someone was there, he took a very long time to beautify himself =.= What a peacock!

I said: No matter how long he takes to beautify himself, he would never loook handsome. =P

Britney's friends came to disturb us. As usual, then one of them caught my eye. Okay not my eye. My ears! She sounded SOOO manly!! Like OMG! Her voice was low. She was talking about not wanting to share saliva with Edmond cuz he's a guy =.= Wait till she's grown up. And!! Its not like we're not gonna wash the cup! She started running around and talking like a manly woman.

I said: OMG! She sounds sooo manly!
Leng and Edmond: yaaa.ahahahha

Oh yeah! We met two ex-cempakans. Forgot their names. I recognized the elder one but not the one who was in the same form as us. Actually, all of us could only recognize the elder one. They were both sisters.

We started karoake-ing when Edmond left for Turkey. Chin Chai came followed by Wei yeen. She brought sparkling juice with her =P Brenda took some red wine from the adults. I took a sip. IT WAS THE WORSE THING I HAVE EVER TASTED! LIKE SERIOUSLY! It was bitter and SOOO weird. Even the soda water at Na's house tasted better. The soda water tasted like swimming pool water!! See how bad the wine tasted??

We karaoked and camwhoreed. The guests left. Leng left the earliest, then wei yeen followed by chin chai. I was sleeping over at brenda's house so we sang till 3 am. Woke up next morning. Brenda went for piano classes while I slept. Woke up and went home just as Brenda came back from her class.


Alright, MY TURN! hehehe

On that night, i had dinner at my grandparents' place, so i reached brenda's place around 9.30pm. When i entered the house, Brenda brought me to the karaoke room, and there is where i stayed till 1AM! As what shuk typed above, I met two girls who are ex-cempakans, but I only recognised the elder one. And she remembers me too! HAHA she only remembers brenda and i, too bad leng n sy! hahahaha

And, I brought sparkling juice! coz i know shuk don't take alcohol. here it is!

this is brenda's cup.
"i bite my cup so tat u all dun drink my cup ok?"

LOOK AT IT. Who would drink her cup?

During karaoke, LOTS of funny things happened. We were choosing the songs when all these happened:

LOOK AT THEIR NAMES! sorry if any of them happen to be your idols/admirers.

I thought of Ardi when I saw this HAHA

All of a sudden, while we were searching through "female singers", Brenda shouted:MICHAEL JACKSON!!! And it was actually...

Mahalia Jackson!

This is for u shuk!

WY: who's thunder?
SY: OMG its boys like girls laa. look at the picture.


Song: Boys Like Girls
Artist: Thunder


wei yeen

My Turn !

i'll just upload pictures : )

decorating Christmas tree

tadaa ~

during karaoke session
(look how far they sit)

cheers !!

wei yeen, brenda, shuk yin

US !!

- l e N g -

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