Saturday, December 19, 2009

boy-crazyyy part 1.

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im sorry guys if this post bores u all ;P


Why He’s Hot:
aaron johnson
  1. His eyes. Would you like to just take a dip in them or swim in them forever and ever and ever and ever and ever .. oh sorry got lost in his eyes for a while there.
  2. He’s a quite the smexy bad boy. There were pics of him shirtless in an ad, shirtless at a party, shirtless while smoking, shirtless in a costume and just plain shirtless all over the internet. Hmm
  3. He is cougar-friendly too. His current cougarfriend girlfriend is 23 years older than him, but I’m sure this little obstacle won’t dampen our spirits, right ladies?
  4. That english accent that would melt you outside and inside. Who cares if his voice is just a teensy bit higher than most gorgeous guys, once he whispers dirty things in your ear when you’re making love, you don’t give a damn anymore.
  5. Aaron Johnson is one actor you should look out for to steal the spotlight and your virginity heart. He’s John Lennon and a Superhero. Your fantasies are about to come to life ladies.

Why He’s Hot:

ian somerhalder

  1. His eyes. They aren’t eyes. Oh no, they are pools. Pools of sex you could drown in. Also of note: that JAWLINE.
  2. He pulls off the no-body-hair look and still looks amazingly hot. Admit it, you know you’re wondering what goes beyond that v-cut he has going on. Also: his legs. Holy crapola. Note: he has big feet. And we all know what that means. Who cares if that’s “just a myth”? It applies to him, dangit!
  3. His cheeks are always flushed. ALWAYS. And he has an adorable smile. (Again with the flushed cheeks!) He even makes “cute“ characteristics like that look fucking sexy.
  4. He makes The Scruff and hats look hot as hell. Can I reference the v cut hat pic again? And it’s okay, I didn’t notice the hat the first time either.
  5. He plays the hottest muddaeffin’ vampire known to man & he could suck my blood any day of the week. You know you’re as jealous of Nina as I am right now. And as a plus his many vampiric moods will keep you entertained for hours and hours and hours…


Why He’s Hot:

  1. He has the most beautiful, jizz-inducing eyes you could ever imagine. It’s so blue, oh no wait it’s seafoam green, no it’s blue again , damn its gray now. We could do this forever but we don’t have time to do that, there’s other body parts to lust after.
  2. He is brimming with talent. You can’t deny that Logan Lerman is a great actor. He also does short films with his best friend and might I add, the videos are great. Wonder what other things he’s great at? wink
  3. He’ll be the next Harry Potter. Scratch that, he will beat Potter’s ass. He’s gonna be Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon-God of The Sea. Some say Gods have a lot of kids, hmm, wouldn’t mind him making some with me.
  4. He’s funny with a don’t care attitude. He karaokes and dances in History class. How random can he get?
  5. His smile. How can you not admit that naughty little smirk just made you drop your pants and made you imagine some of the wildest things that you could do with him? But not right now, he’ll be legal in just a few months ladies. (;

for anyone who knows them :D

Why He’s Hot:

  1. He plays Dr. Mark Sloan a.k.a. McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy —the bad boy of the bunch. Don’t you just get McMoist for staring at those piercing sky blue eyes? I don’t know about you, but I’m up to play nurse with him.
  2. Don’t you remember the towel scene? Exactly. You wish you were close enough to rip it off that hot body. Show me your rock n’ roll, I’ll show you mine.
  3. So, he might be 37, but hey, 30 is the new 20. He is just ripe enough to get you on your knees and devour his delicate flesh. Mmm, yes, Daddy.
  4. He plays the character of Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man in X-Men: The Last Stand. You got it, right. MULTIPLE MAN. I’m thinking of a gang bang.
  5. His smile, his eyes, his body. His whole package. He is so fucking fit, he’s been on the cover of Men’s Health twice. Goddamn, Eric Dane, you prove that God does exist.

Why He’s Hot:

  1. His eyes. Stare into them. Did you just have an orgasm? Not surprising. They are the most beautiful shade of green. The kind of green that makes you want to jump into bed with him, and tell him he can do whatever he wants.
  2. His nose. He has the perfect jew nose. Any bigger and he would be made fun of, any smaller and you would doubt the size of his penis. Doesn’t just looking at that thing make you wonder what his trousers hide?
  3. He directs movies. Good movies. Just think of the amazing pornos you could make with him. They would be hilarious and at the same time, very very erotic.
  4. His body. Like you don’t want this laying on top of you/next to you/under you/anywhere else all the time. Even Robert Downey Jr. comments him on it in Tropic Thunder. He turns men gay with that body.
  5. His hair. It’s so versatile. Don’t pretend like you don’t want to grip it for dear life when he is doing unspeakable acts to the most pleasurable parts of your body.

OMG THIS, i personally loveeeee him.Why He’s Hot:
  1. For those of you living under a rock, Josh Holloway plays “James Sawyer” on LOST; walking, talking, make a bitch drop to her knees, Sawyer.
  2. You’d be crazy to deny this body; this tan, toned, oh-my-gosh-i’ve-seem-to-of-lost-my-bearings body. Lucky for us LOST fans, his wardrobe only consists of torn jeans (;
  3. While some may not be into the blonde, medium length, wind-swept, Fabio-esque hair…it’s okay! He looks just as hot with it short! Please, take a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.
  4. The Scruff, oh the scruff. Just LOOK at it! If you’re not into that…you should be now.
  5. Thank god for rated-R movies because this GQ motherfucker even has a cute ass. Complete with DIMPLES & everything.


Why He’s Hot:

matt lanter

  1. He plays a bad boy in the new 90210. Scratch that, Matt Lanter is a drool-worthy, breath-taking, mouth-watering, jaw-dropping, uber-sexy BAD BOY. But he is the most adorable & nicest guy ever in real life. Aww moment.
  2. He’s the voice of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars : The Clone Wars. That mens he’s good with kids. And that would mean he’s good at making kids. With you.
  3. His eyes. His intense, electric-blue, smoldering, you-just-got-turned-on-by-these eyes. Wouldn’t you want to have those eyes on you. All over you.
  4. You don’t get to see your normal average hottie being Indiana Jones, Jumper and the King of Sparta all at the same time in the same movie do you? Your fantasies ladies, are about to become more real. Oh almost forgot, let’s add Figure Skater in that list of fantasies alright? *wink
  5. His fucking fit body. Need I say more.


Why He’s Hot:

  1. As if the above photo isn’t enough justice already, just look at those eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes. Located just above those luscious pillows known as lips, his blue eyes are almost like a vast ocean. Whether they are pouting at you in an innocent boy next door type gaze or staring at you in a way that says “Let me see you naked” there is no doubt that they grab your attention and hold it for a very long time.
  2. The boy also knows how to work off a suit. Actually he could probably pull of wearing a brown sack and nothing else. Speaking of lack of clothing, the boy has some serious muscles! Also Chase can pull of a school uniform while playing Nathaniel Archibald.
  3. Chase in an actor and he can do just that. He could persuade you that the only cure to a paper cut is a little game of doctor or that taking off your pants will in fact make you warmer. Maybe he would even let you play Blair in their on and off love story.
  4. The stubble. Hm, stubbley Mr. Stubleman. Yes that is the stupidest nickname to ever be made but once you catch a glance at The Scruff you will want to be Mrs. Stubleman. As if he wasn’t handsome enough clean cut, being a little dirty now and then is more than acceptable with the rest of us.
  5. The overall hotness that is Chace. By now you should not be trying to deny that this boy is good looking and pretty damn sexy. He could be the boy next door or the hot new neighbor that you secretly spy on in hopes of seeing him naked. He could even be a cowboy or something absurd and chances are we’d all love every second of it.
oh crap, daniel henney! AHH.

Why He’s Hot:

daniel henney

  1. His arms. Goddammit I don’t even need to explain it after you look at those pictures.
  2. He has one of the most perfect faces, ever. It’s like he was carved out of stone by Michaelangelo. His shapely, pink lips, the almond eyes, that fucking bone structure. His jaw could cut diamonds it’s so sharp.
  3. You may not know who he is right now, but you will - he’s doing big things. He was Agent Zero in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His superpower? The ability to cause spontaneous orgasms telepathically. Ok not really, but sort of. I mean I heard about a few cases of that happening to random movie goers. It was on the news. True story.
  4. So we’ve covered his arms already. Care to look over the rest of him? Those abs? Pecs? Legs? Obliques? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. God, why do you torture us like this?
  5. That smile. It could melt polar ice caps - you know damn well your underwear doesn’t stand a fucking chance.

i forgot which one of you who likes this guy in Vampire Diaries.

Why He’s Hot:

  1. He’s one hell of a vampire. He plays Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries and damn does he do it well. He’s dark and brooding and seductive and alluring, not only on set but on the street. The dude is hot, you can’t deny it. I mean, he can grab your attention away from Ian Somerhalder, and that there? Is a feat.
  2. He just looks through you. I don’t even know what fucking color his eyes are - green or gray or gotdamn. It doesn’t matter though, those fuckers are powerful. They’re like magnets; pulling your body to him, your top to the sky and your pants to the ground.
  3. He’s got one hell of a jaw, square and solid and it just screams masculinity. It’s perfect for kissing and nibbling on, yes? It’s probably the European in him, being as his parents immigrated from Poland. (Paul’s actual last name is Wasilewski.)
  4. That sweet, downturned mouth with it’s fleshy lips and pointed corners makes you think all sorts of things, mostly revolving around making out and oral sex. And that’s quite alright: it’s not possible for him to possess such a luscious pout and not know how to use it well.
  5. Welcome to the gun show. *pewpewpew!*

if u all like it, i will make a part 2 :D


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  1. I used to think that Ian Somerhalder was sex-on-legs. That was until he had otoplasty and had his really cute, sticky-out ears pulled in close to his head. Now they are gruesome! I can't watch anything with him in it any more because his 'new' ears make me ill.