Friday, December 11, 2009

the sleep-less sleepover!

[THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED WHEN EVERYONE WAS LAZY TO BLOG ABT THE SLEEPOVER] these are actual msgs we wrote in this almost-a-week-old draft.


i know. im so lazy. grr. (feon-na)

ME TOO !!! i'm lazy also. and our blog got no more updates :( we're going to loose our blogger fan !!! hahaha . and i haven receive all the pictures form na !! just update pictures la. (leng)

Anyways, you guys just complain, im gonna write bout MY experience.
Feon-na's sleep-less sleepover was SO DAMN FUN! we didnt sleep at all! well i didnt. maybe some of them slept.
i slept at 8.30 in the morning and woke up at 11 am.
when i first came, i came w my blanket and pillow. hahaha. then we cooked, and we ate. then we shwered and lepak in the gym room. i was doing pat's makeup and she was doing mine. then leon invited for supper. so we went to mamak. it was so late ady i thnk it was 2am in the morning? cnt rmmber. then, we came home and started doing our hair and makeups. ahhaha. then we lied down outside and watched the starry sky. then, we came back in and i put on drag me to hell. we watched except wei yeen and ee leng cuz they cant watch horror. we screamed and all. lolly. after the movie, i put on UP and we were crying and laughing at the same time. so funny. then i fell asleep and my driver came. so yeah. hahahahaha.

my experience of the sleepover started when i was bathing my dogs in the garden and jia min came. she watched me bathe my dogs as we talked. and Bimbo (my fat Labrador) was being a bitch. she didnt wanna go in her house and just sat like a pig at the pathway -_-

Around 4-5 pm all the girls started coming. their bags filled up half of my room. hahaha. its not that they brought alot of stuff its just that my room is small -_-. then, they spent like almost an hour playing with my dogs. shouldve taken picture of them. my dogs are pretty horny and touchy. ask shuk, she can tell you more ;P. oh yeah, farah came around this time when we were done with the dogs. farah didnt get to see jia min though, she had already left to have dinner with her family :(.

well, after that i brought all of them down to the gym house. i was pretty busy at first, trying to grab all the stuff i needed down to the gym lke pillows, clothes, food, hair dryer, etc.
then, by 6 smth, we decided to cook our dinner. we cooked seafood pasta using a hot plate. amazing eh? im not sure if we have pictures. we cooked the elbow pasta and the seafood gravy using the hot plate which acted like a stove. now u get me? hahaha. i felt pretty disgusted lah cos i smelled like dog the whole time. so, for dinner we had seafood pasta + salad :D.

it was time for us to take turns to bathe. yes, all 7 of us. the first person started at 9am and the last person came out from the bathroom at 10.30pm. hahahah. oh yeah. when farah went inside to bathe. pat and i, went to the 2nd floor to peep on her thru the glass. WE COULD SEE HER! she hadnt stripped nakes yet lah. then she shouted ''OI U BOTH STOP IT AH!''. pat and i just laughed and entered the gym.

when everyone was clean and happy, we went up to the gym. farah started taking out all her make-up set. pat and farah soon started doing each other's eyes. brenda and i just watched them. shuk and ee leng was using my macbook. there was internet upstairs! yay! wei yeen was watching them too lah. but most of the time she was doing other stuff like fixing her nose. it was bleeding :O. oh after that, they all took turns to curl each other's hair. everyone got their hair curled except pat, f
arah and i cos mine was straightened slightly.
oh yea, incase u all were wondering how did we sleep in the gym. all the gym equipment stuff we pushed to one side and the sofa bed, massage and a mattress was used.
farah and shuk were watching drag me to hell -_-
thats why they were not in this picture. brenda edited this btw.

more pictures on fb. CLICK HERE FOR MOREEE PICTURES.

we went to the mamak after that. and farah wore shorts and a few rempit guys looked at her. oh yeah, we then went to this street to have a look at pondans. yess pondans as in transvestites/transsexuals. u get me lah. wua. their body is so nice. like seriously. perfect hourglass shape. tall. but when u see their face. WUA.
okay, some were really shy like hiding at the corner. some were posing at the road sign post :D

after that, we were star-gazing. WOW. that part was fun. we lied on out tent and just looked at the stars for almost an hour i think. i dont know how we laid still for one hour. hahaha. but smt sad happened. when i was about to fall asleep at one time, i closed my eyes. SUDDENLY, pat screamed! ''I SAW A SHOOTING STAR!'' lucky pigg -______________-. farah saw it too.
i thought i saw it too but then when i think again, i think it was just my imagination cos i was so desperate of seeing one. grr. how pathetic.

after that, we watched drag me to hell where i fell asleep. and then we watched UP again. all of us cried at the start lah. wth. its even funnier when u cry lying down. cos all the tears flows towards your ears. hahaha.

in the afternoon, we met up with jia min and xin you met us at oldtown in kajang. where we ate and talked till 4 when everyone started going home :(.



hi guys! this is my experience =D. It started when my parents sent me to wei yeen's house after my sister went to the tailor to have a fitting session for her prom dress. She looked pretty =D but the tailor said she became slimmer =.= so a few changes had to be made an she couldn't collect the dress yet.

When i arrived at wy's house, she and her mum were cleaning up the closet. I just sat there and allowed my mind to wander off. Oh yeah, wy made me listen to True by Ryan Caberra 4 times =.= she put the song on repeat and guess what? she wasnt even there to listen to it!! the song is nice la but 4 times back to back! We were in the study/office/the only place with internet when brenda arrived. Wy pulled down the blinds and turn off the lights. We were talking halfway when the lights turned on itself!! We paused and looked around then continued what we were doing. Wy cooked oats for me =D I bet she didnt even cook for him =D Jealous?? =P. We left wy's house at around 3 if im not mistaken.

When we reached na's house, Leng was already there with jia min. They were playing with the dogs thats when I first saw Tyson! OMG he look so handsome! so cuteeee. Bimbo was funny. She was stuck right under the tap outside the house. She didnt want to move at all. Feon-Na was dragging her like dragging a huge cow. Na decided to leave Bimbo alone and go play with the other dogs at the back of the house.

Tyson is HORNY!! he licked my boob 3 times and licked jia min's boob too! Daisy was just annoying la. She appeared everywhere but once Jia Min started patting her she just stopped moving and stayed there. Pat arived next. Wilbur drove the car into the garden. Timothy was walking around the tyres and

Na said: see ar, he's gonna pee there.

Then, he peed.

Farah came wearing a christmas pants. it was red with fur at the bottom. We went to the gym house. Me, na and wy wanted to set up a tent in the balcony. but the floor was freaking hot! We wanted to stop for 2 mins but in the end stopped for a longer time. But in the end we did set up te tent la. We cooked our own dinner! pasta! brenda was like "cook the elbows" cuz the packet of the pasta said elbows. We took turns to bathe after dinner and went upstairs. Brenda curled my hair while Farah put on make up on Pat and then Pat put on make up for Farah. Leon came in with chee zen to take us out to eat supper.

It was so late/early in the morning. About 2? I cant remember. Leon took us to see the pondans. He made 2 rounds around that area. The pondans have such nice body shape la. Farah felt a "connection" when one of them who was leaning against a pole waved at her. She was so excited then na told her

"Farah, they are guys you know"

Leon told us that they tied their dicks around their waist like a belt. Then the following conversation took place

Leon: Actually guys dicks can invert. so it kinda like goes inside.
Brenda: Oh really? Im gonna ask my brother to show me.

We returned to the gym house and everyone had make-overs. Farah was the main make up artist. She designed all of our make up. I like wei yeen's one. =D Good Job Farah!

At 4am, we lay on the tent (we took out all the metal rods so it was flat) and looked at the stars. There were so many stars and there was a red one. We all made wishes on the brightest star =D When it was all quiet and peaceful, Pat screamed! "ARGGHH! I just saw a shooting star!!" OMG she's so lucky la! Farah saw it too.

At 5 or was it 6 am, we watched Drag Me To Hell. I was washing my face and leng screamed in my ear. I got scared la. hahahha. She was like "farah please dont!!" then she went downstairs with wy as they both cant watch horror. We wanted to watch sunset. But the roof was blocking the sun so the others looked at the stars while Farah and I continued watching the movie. When it ended, we watched UP. The first part was so saddddd. We all cried. Then the funny part came out. We were laughing with tears. I fell asleep halfway through the movie. I slept at 8am if im not mistaken. Brenda managed to watch the whole movie some how. She couldnt sleep. I woke up just when the movie ended. Brenda went to the toilet and came back. She told me she just shitted =.= That was about 9am. I told her to take my blanket and she slept on the massage bed.

At 11 am everyone started waking up slowly. We ate breakfast and went to meet jia min and xin you at old town coffee. We talked till 3.30 pm and went back to Na's place. At 4pm, wy's parents came to take us back.



High Low! Its fun seeing everyone FINALLY blogging about sleepover hehehe...

Ok. I started my day waiting for Shuk and Brenda to come to my house, when I realized I haven't even packed yet! I was still half way packing when Shuk arrived and I turned on my iTunes for her. And SORRY SHUK coz I dont remember pressing the "repeat" button. Hahahahaha Then we went to the study room and looked at some of brenda's-so-called pictures of cute guys when the light suddenly went ON. it was dark and nice at 1st, then it suddenly went bright! We looked at each other for a while, then just continued whatever we're doing... Thinking back about it scares me though.

When we reached feon-na's, leng and jia min already arrived. I was surprised coz I didn't know jm will be coming too! So we played with the dogs while waiting for others to reach. I especially LOVE Tomboy, but she'll never let me touch her! URGH Feon-Na said she's one of the shy ones. But still, I wanna touch and pat her no matter what! I even chased her around the house. Haha Oh and Timothy's really smart! If u tap ur thigh, he'll put his paws on ur thigh and start playing wif u. How cute!

Soon it was dinner time! I was cutting tomatoes and farah was cutting the onions. Then she told me that she rubbed her eyes while cutting. Gosh...luckily she did not tear. and leon kept complaining about everything when we cook. Then after someone said "we're not even cooking for u!" we started arguing and he went out of the kitchen with kah hean HAHAHAHAHA

After we bathe, pat and farah was helping each other to make up, ee leng, shuk and i was on the mac skyping, and i wasn't sure wad brenda n fn was doing. THEN the worst thing in this whole sleepover happened. My nose was bleeding... =______= So all i did is just lie on the bed and......yea lie on the bed. With an ice freezing my nose. Then leon came looking at me and said "omg u dam sad lor" and pressed my head. it was PAIN ok?

Later around 2 am, we went supper in a mamak and chee zhen pointed an old man sitting wif his leg up on another chair! it was so funny...and he have a cigarette in his hands! WHOEVER'S READING THIS, PLEASE TAKE NOTE. DONT EVER SMOKE! ITS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH! AND MOST GIRLS JUST HATE GUYS WHO SMOKES. LET ALONE GIRLS WHO SMOKES.

On the way back from supper, leon drove us around to look at boys+girls. OMG they have such nice and curvy bodyyy! One of them was standing by the lamp post and na said:she should do a pole dance wif that. Hahahahaahah. We made like 2 rounds around the same place and found tat one of them was gone. I forgot who said this "Ah...Got laid already" All of us got so shocked and started laughinggg.

Back in the gym, we had a girly time having make up and doing our hair. Thanks brenda for curling my hair! and Farah for doing most of our make up! After that we all lied on the tent and just stared at the stars above. It was such a beautiful moment. I wished time would just stop ticking right there. And Pat & Farah saw a shooting star! We all made a wish even though I din see it. Hope it'll come true though!

Everyone went to watch drag me to hell then. it was like 5/6 am i think? Ee leng and I went down to watch Glee as we dun watch horror. The sound effect was SO loud and we could hear everyone shouting all the way downstairs. Then we both noticed the sky is bright all of a sudden. SUNRISE! We quickly rushed up the balcony but sadly, the sun was on the other side... The colours of the clouds are nice anyway. We took some pics lying on the tent.

After that I couldn't help it but slept. and i missed UP like the whole movie! I know everyone was laughing and crying and i bloody missed it...urgh. We had breakfast at 11 and went to oldtown to eat again. Met jia min and xy there and we talked and talked and talked till 3.30! We were talking really loud and everyone around glanced at us. Hahahahaha. OH and before we leave feon-na's house, we played wif "the magazine". Its funny how some of those results are true and related to most of us. Hehehehehe. Pat, Brenda, Shuk and I continued wif it in my house.

Hmmm that's about it I guess. And I hope tat we'll all still blog and post stuff continuously after this super LONG post, ok?

wei yeen =)

friends are like bras.. they give lots of support


- l e N g -

if u all think the msg on this pic is lame, blame ivan :P.
no lah. im joking.
i like it. its so funny ;D

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