Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my cute aunt.

Yesterday i went shopping with my aunt at Sunway Pyramid. She bought lingerie from XIXILI. There was a free gift (calendar). As all of you know, XIXILI is a lingerie shop so obviously, the pictures on the calendar would be lingerie models. This was what my aunt asked the salesgirl.

aunt: Wua, they give calendar. I'm gonna put this in my office.
(flips calendar)
OMG. your calendar only got this kind of pictures?
salesgirl: hehe. yes.
aunt: OMG. I want to put in my office. Later the doctors see then how? They all need to work. (she's a nurse)

My sister just looked at me and we started laughing.

Another cute thing she did.

My sister wanted to buy a shirt from Romp. It had the words "I Love You" on it. So she asked approval from my aunt. This was what she said.

Shuk Khuan: Yee Mah. how about this shirt? Its not revealing and its just a normal t-shirt.
aunt: NONONO. Look at the stupid word there. Cannot!

The salesperson was laughing the whole time we were there. My sister took another shirt which has the words "Come into my room"

Shuk Khuan: Yee Mah. This one? Got no stupid word here.
Aunt: Whats this?? NO. You are degrading yourself!
Salesperson: *giggles to himself*


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