Saturday, November 28, 2009


I haven't been blogging for a very longggg time. This is my first post since the hols started. Yesterday, Mr Mohan got married =D CONGRATZ!! we attended the wedding. There were many people there and the queue was veryyy long. Initially, me, na and leng planned to wear traditional so I borrowed 2 traditional costumes from priya. Then, Na changed her mind. So me and leng didnt feel like wearing it anymore so we both wore dresses. Mine was black with a white shirt and Leng's was white. She totally forgot that it was slightly transparent till I called her to remind her. Fortunately she smsed me to tell me what she wore or else...... In the end she borrowed shorts from wy and black jacket from brenda. =P lucky leng.

Okay before we went to the wedding, we went to MV to watch NEW MOON! It was okay la. I prefered it better than twilight. I sat farrrrr awaaayyy from wy. Afraid that she might ruin the movie =P People who went: da,pat,na,wy,leng,edward,angel,ranil,chun keat,ivan,jay,ching xong

OHH before i forget. I followed wy home after the movie with pat and da so we could go to the wedding together =) andddddd a few stray dogs entered wy's hse. They're so cute la. I have a few pics here =P

Here are the pics of the dogs and 2 of the wedding pics. Notice that feon-na and chun keat are wearing matching clothes =D

girls continue post if you want =P

DID U ALL REALISED I CUT MY HAIR? yeah. just mentioning. i kinda like it now.
despite having names for it like
SAMURAI, poodle and broom -_-.

now looking back. my hair does look like a samurai helmet -_-.


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